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A Message from Josh Rothstein, KIO Regional Director

Welcome back! Even though summer is coming to a close, things are really heating up for KIO this fall! Whether you had a summer job, went to camp or Israel or took part in a BBYO Summer Experience, I am anxious to hear what you’ve been up to and hope you will bring lots of stories and pictures to share at our first big KIO kick-off event of the year, the Regional Roundtables over Labor Day Weekend in Cincinnati. Plans have been underway for weeks and this convention promises to be the perfect way to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones and is sure to set the tone for an amazing year ahead.

First, on August 31st, regional and chapter boards will get together for a business meeting where they’ll share successful strategies and best practices with one another to help our region continue to grow.

Then, on September 2nd, the rest of KIO is invited to meet up with everyone for the second night, which will be jam-packed with brotherhood and sisterhood programming for everyone including a dance, basketball tournament and more! So mark your calendars and we'll see you there!

For more information, click here for board members, or here for everyone else!


What's Up KIO?

KIO Membership Numbers on the Rise!

Great job KIO! We surpassed our overall membership goals for 2012 by more than 40 guys and girls and we’re still going strong. In fact, BBYO International called to congratulate us on all our hard work in making KIO the region to watch in the coming year.

While that’s really great news, it also means the pressure is on to prove that we have what it takes to continue to grow our numbers and even kick it up a notch in 2013. In order to keep up this pace we need all hands on deck to help us recruit new members. Now is the best time to bring a friend to a program or meeting and talk up BBYO to all the new freshmen entering high school this fall. Keep up the great work KIO!

KIOers Share their BBYO Summer Experiences

Did you know that this summer alone more than 2,200 teens participated in a BBYO Summer Experience at camps, on campuses, in Israel and around the world, including 26 teens from KIO? Their personal journeys, whether over the course of two or five weeks, were truly transformational and helped shape their identities, leadership skill and commitment to BBYO and to Jewish life now and into the future.

Check out what some of our own KIOers had to say about their recent BBYO Summer Experiences: (For a peak inside all of BBYO’s Summer Experiences, click here for BBYO’s Blog Hub, click here to check out photos, and click here to read about what parents and teens had to say about their experiences.)


Ner Tamid BBG's Sarah Wolf attended CLTC 6.

“This summer I attended CLTC 6, which stands for Chapter Leadership Training Convention. At CLTC, I learned how to not only help my chapter or region in BBYO, but how to help all around. I learned so many skills like how to write a speech or what it takes to be a leader in my community. Not only did I learn amazing skills, but I also made friends that I will never forget.”


Aliah's Hilary Kleppel (Chapter N'siah) and Halle Herman (Chapter Morah) went to Israel and attended ILTC respectively. Max Agranoff, the Godol of Pops Dworkin, traveled to Israel with Camp Livingston.

Halle Herman:

“After spending five weeks at Camp Perlman for ILTC and Kallah, I can definitely say it was very odd returning home. Not waking up to a room of six girls all yawning and trying to get dressed in what seemed like a box was even more weird. Also, not walking to blueprint (redprint) every morning or not watching the stars every night has really torn a hole in my routine. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that being at Perlman this summer was the best way to have spent five weeks of my summer. I met amazing people, ate camp food (yay?), learned so much about BBYO to take back to my chapter and region, but most importantly I learned a lot about myself. Now I understand how cliche and cheesy that sounds. Truthfully, after all of my experiences, I feel as though I left my comfort zone and learned to feel comfortable in my own skin. ILTC taught me to be a better leader and Kallah taught me to be a better Jew on my terms. If you put the two together, I'm not quite sure you'll find a better way to spend five weeks!”

Max Agranoff:

“This summer I worked and went to Israel with Camp Livingston and two other camps we met there. It was an amazing time spent with my best friends from the last six years at camp along with new people I met from Washington State and Washinton, DC, Philadelphia, Boise, and Western Canada. This was my second time in Israel. I was there for a whole month and it was incredible. I can’t wait to use what I learned and bring it back to my chapter.”

Hilary Kleppel:

“This summer, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Israel. Out of all of the summers in my life, I can honestly say that this was the best. Connecting with our homeland, Judaism, and the other Jewish teens on my trip, I can finally understand why teens go on summer trips like this every year. My trip, NCSY TJJ, allowed eight bus- fulls of teensto explore the ENTIRE country. How cool is that? Instead of just staying in one place, we stayed everywhere we toured! Although my trip was not a BBYO one, I ran into a bunch of kids on other BBYO summer programs. More than once, I caught myself yelling across the street to one of my KIO friends and even some of my friends from other regions! After an amazing trip, where I learned so much, it is an honor that I am able to come back home and share all the information with my chapter, Aliah BBG #368.”


Daria Penner, of B'yachad BBG, attended CLTC.

Daria Penner:

"CLTC was not only the best 12 days of my life, but a memory that will last forever. Being at a summer program truly proved to me that there is a whole different, amazing world outside of my region. I learned so much at CLTC from my chapter, advisor, coordinators, and just being with other Jewish teens around the world.

The programs were amazing. Each program impacted me in so many different ways, and I remember each one perfectly. From learning about March of the Living to different ways to engage members to join BBYO,
CLTC was incredible.

I highly encourage BBYO members to experience the best 12 days of their life. Before I left, I thought that CLTC would be fun, but not as fun as everyone told me it would be. I was completely wrong, and my
expectations were surpassed. CLTC was an experience that I am so glad I was able to have and I will always remember the 12 days I had in Wisconsin with 90 other Jewish teens from around the US."


Debra Levin, Chelsea Rosenberg, Gabby Kahn and other girls from Louisville's Jay Levine chapter attended numerous summer programs including CLTC 4, ILTC, Kallah, and more.

Debra Levin:
"I attended CLTC 4 with Chelsea Rosenberg and Gabby Kahn. When people say "it's the best 12 days of your life", they aren't lying. I made 86 new best friends in 12 days. It truly is a life-changing learning experience. I highly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to go."

August Execs 2012 Sets Priorities for the Year

This weekend, nearly 100 BBYO Regional teen leaders from across North America will gather to set the priorities and business agenda for the coming year. For four days, our regional leaders will discuss the roles of Stand UP, Speak UP, globalization, BBYO Connect, and much more before returning to their chapters to put the Order’s new priorities into action. Attending from REGION NAME are TEEN NAME AND TEEN NAME.

To follow all of the action of August Execs 2012, visit the blog at or follow them on Twitter with #azabbgexecs12.

Get to know the International Board members before the event begins by clicking on their introductory video below!

FANFare 2012 is Here!

Because you’re an important part of the BBYO family, we want to make sure you’re up to date on the latest news, events and happenings in BBYO communities. Click here to read the 2012 issue of the BBYO Friends and Alumni Network (FAN) annual newsletter, FANfare, including information on alumni reunions, program offerings, and so much more.
As you’ll see, there are exciting events happening in FANs across North America.

Invite a Rising Freshman to Experience AZA or BBG

Making the transition into high school isn't easy, but knowing you have a circle of friends in AZA and BBG can ease the anxiety, not to mention offer fun opportunities to develop leadership skills, and connect you with your community. If you think of your friends, cousins, classmates, neighbors or colleagues, you likely know a rising high school freshman who would benefit from AZA or BBG membership. Invite them to register at Registering today ensures that they won't miss out on all opening school year activities.