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December 2010/Tevet 5771 Edition

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8th Grade Recruitment

ONR BBYO Celebrates Eight Crazy Nights

LTI 2010: Change Your Altitude

BBYO Teen on MTV Season Finale

BBYO Impact Survey

International Program Registration

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8th Grade Recruitment

Dear Parents,

With an 85-year track record shaping the lives of teens, BBYO has a network of 250,000 alumni, many of whom are leaders in their fields, including top business executives, entrepreneurs and even Congressmen and women. Now that your teen is finishing their eighth grade year, we’d like to invite him or her to follow in their footsteps.

As the leading pluralistic Jewish teen movement, BBYO helps parents raise confident, engaged, well-prepared teenagers. How? First, we understand teens. We get the obsession with Facebook and texting, the stress that comes with getting into college and the need to find a place where teens can be themselves. And, we provide opportunities for teens to have fun within a comfortable, inclusive environment where lifelong friendships, skills and value systems are developed.

What’s great about BBYO for today’s teen is that it’s customizable. Our renowned leadership offerings through AZA (BBYO’s boys’ chapters) and BBG (BBYO’s girls’ chapters) empower teens to lead their own programs. BBYO also offers opportunities for teens to get involved with premier service and advocacy through the PANIM Institute, learn more about their Jewish heritage and perhaps most important – given the pressure on teens today – enjoy down time in a safe space. The BBYO experience also grows as teens grow. Teens who are involved in BBYO for all four years enjoy the benefits of an easier transition into high school, assistance with the college admissions process and valuable connections to BBYO alumni on college campuses and in the professional world. BBYO is also a year-round experience with more than a dozen opportunities during the summer to hone leadership skills, get hands-on service experience and travel the world through programs such as Passport to the World, which offers trips to Israel, Europe and Central and North America. 

Your teen’s level of involvement is up to them. Regardless of the route they choose, they’ll walk away from BBYO with experiences that will shape their character, set them apart on college applications, provide them with a network of Jewish friends and prepare them for the adult world.

Give your teen the gift of BBYO membership today. Choose from two different membership plans: 1) membership until June 30, 2012 for $75, or 2) membership through high school graduation for only $149! For the price of two years, your teen can enjoy the BBYO benefits that last a lifetime.

To join today, visit www.bbyo.org and click on the “Join BBYO” link.  Or, to speak to a local professional about opportunities for your teen to get involved, contact Todd Kay, Senior Regional Director, or Matt Brower, BBYO Program Associate.  Our number is 216.360.0075 or email onr@bbyo.org

Todd   and Matt

P.S.  BBYO has various opportunities for you to get involved, too!  Parents and alumni around the country are connecting, networking, and giving back to BBYO through the Friends & Alumni Network (FAN).  Visit www.bbyo.org/FAN for more information.


ONR BBYO Celebrates Eight Crazy Nights

Every evening during Chanukah ONR BBYO and Camp Wise teens led Chanukah candle-lighting at the Mandel JCC for the entire Jewish Community.  All the JCC staff, children in the after-school programs, hundreds of JCC members, Camp Wise staff and dozens ONR BBYO teens came together to share in the “festival of lights” celebration.  We did the Chanukah prayers, sang a few Chanukah songs and passed out Chanukah candy to everybody.  It was an amazing week of celebrations and a meaningful Jewish experience for all.


LTI 2010: Change Your Altitude

LTI 2010 was a great success and we all had a wonderful time.  When everyone arrived to Camp Wise Friday night, we enjoyed a delicious Shabbat dinner and then split into to Friday evening services to celebrate AZA & BBG Shabbat. The BBG service was themed "Strength and Dignity are our Clothing" and the AZAs themed their service "One Day." These services very unique because they allows us to bond with one another while participating in prayer. The girls focused their service on what makes a strong and dignified Jewish woman while the boys learned about inter-faith dialogue (conversation between people of different religious traditions about their beliefs). Following services we had very fun and informative rotations. The rotations allowed us to learn about ways to “Speak Up” towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The first night closed with snack (s’mores of course), a song session with our song leader, Samara Katz (she was amazing!) and counterpart bonding time in the cabins. The 25th regional board believes all attendees had a great time at these rotations. We had fun while learning about our culture and religion.

Saturday kicked off to another great start. Everyone woke up for an 8:30 breakfast and then moved into a Shabbat services with the entire convention body. The entire weekend has revolved around a color war competition among the different board positions.  We truly began the "race for the best board position."  There were several rotations throughout the day.  Each rotation included some sort of competition which enabled teens to bring back skills to their chapters. Since the overall theme of LTI is “Changing Your Altitude”, we emphasized reaching new heights and going above to become the best leader possible. During the morning rotations, we brought in Medwish medical supplies and had a relay to see which team could sort and organize the greatest amount of supplies in a given period of time. Once we finish organizing all of the supplies, we debriefed about how the work we just did will impact our community and how community service can be fun and meaningful at the same time.  Another competition included a social action program in which the participants were exposed to the unfair circumstances of Holocausts discrimination. One of our staff members, Seth Cutler also led a session which encouraged teens to think more creatively in their programming and to think about how the rules and guidelines in BBYO enable us to accomplish great things, and not the reverse . We took a lunch break and enjoyed our all time favorite camp food, grilled cheese, tomato soup and French fries.  The afternoon included a rotation (led by Regional Director, Todd Kay) based on breaking the barriers of communication and how to communicate effectively using verbal and non-verbal communication.  We also played a game of capture the flag with a twist and finally, we had a cooking education program to demonstrate creativity through programming.

The overall goal of the weekend was to plan strong programs that represent the ideals of AZA, BBG and BBYO and then to demonstrate to our leaders how they should plan their programs and work with their peers to improve the quality of their chapter programming.

Saturday night began with a great Havdallah service.  We looked back on the week that was and then “made wishes” for the future.  Saturday night programs included AZA & BBG separate programs.  The BBG Regional Board created a “winter wonderland” theme for the Mid-term officer reports and then held an amazing advocacy program about the rampant “sex trafficking” epidemic in our country.  Toledo is the #4 entry point in the USA for this illegal industry because of the close proximity to Canada.  The AZAs held a meaningful program about the spirit of fraternity and brotherhood that united the entire AZA convention body.  The evening programming ended the “color-war” theme by giving every team pieces of a puzzle.  The teams had to realize they could not complete the puzzle by themselves.  They had to work together to complete the puzzle.  The meaning to this concluding program showed everybody how we all have ideas, energy and important pieces to bring to the BBYO experience and if we work together, then we can accomplish anything.

Sunday was pretty relaxed morning, but very important.  AZA and BBG held business meetings that changed a few things in the AZA and BBG constitutions and better ONR for the future.  The teens decided to delegate a few “Stand Up” responsibility to the chapter Mazkirim (communication specialist) and Gizboriot (treasurers).  The Mazkirim are now in charge of advocacy programming with their chapter.  The Gizboriot are in charge of fundraising for the chapter “Stand Up” philanthropy.  Both AZA and BBG also set a minimum standard for what chapters will donate towards their “Stand Up” campaign. These were major accomplishments and tremendous statements about the “movement” ONR BBYO has become.

Thanks for coming to LTI and if you missed it then make sure you go next year.  This was a fabulous ONR BBYO weekend!  We had the best time and can’t wait for Kallah at the end of January.   

Carly Weintraub - Regional Mazkirah

Garrett Altman -  Regional Mazkir






BBYO Teen on MTV Season Finale

Buried Life Image

Find Out What Wish Came True for an AZA Teen: Watch an interview with Lucas Lendenbaum sharing his experience as a featured guest on the season finale of MTV’s “The Buried Life.”

Last spring the four young stars of MTV’s documentary “The Buried Life” spoke at BBYO’s East Coast Kallah Convention. Their message reflected the focus of their television series which features their attempts to live out their dreams today and not get buried in the typical paths most people take in life, while at the same time recognizing the importance of giving back and helping to make dreams come true for the people they meet along the way.  Before wrapping up their remarks at Kallah, they opened up a question to the crowd of 450 teens asking them, “If you could do one thing before you die, what would it be?”

Lucas Lendenbaum, 16, of Gaithersburg, MD walked onto to the stage, took the microphone and with one brief and emotional sentence stated his wish: "My Dad doesn't have a home, and I just want him to have a home."Six months later, the cast from “The Buried Life” decided to make Lucas’s wish part of their season finale episode on November 29. Immediately following the show BBYO aired a live webcast with Lucas, allowing BBYO teens from around the world to ask him questions and hear his reflections on the experience and what it has meant to his family.

Click here to learn more, including links to watch the Season Finale on MTV.com and the recorded interview with Lucas.

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