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March 2011/Adar Bet (2) 5771 Edition

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SJR's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Spring Thing 2011

Congratulations SJR on Summer Experiences Registration!

Welcome New Advisors!


Elisa Schwarz, Co-Advisor of Chevrah BBG

Upcoming SJR BBYO Events

$100,000 in Israel Scholarships

Shofar Newsletter 2011

International Convention 2011

Advisor Appreciation Month

J-Serve Next Month

Build a Prayer Resources

Summer Staffing Opportunities


Saturday, May 7, 2011


Katz JCC

50 Years: Strong as Ever!

A special 50th Anniversary Celebration to benefit South Jersey Region BBYO.
Honoring former SJR BBYO Regional Directors John Matz (1969-1975), Alan Goldberg (1977-1980), and Aaron Greenberg (1989-1993).

Click Here (  for More Information!

Torah Thought

Did you know that there is no mention of G-d's name in the entire Megilah?

Many commentators have tried to explain why this is.  One answer is that, unlike other Jewish holidays, the story of Purim contains no open miracles. No seas are split and no plagues are brought against Haman.  Instead, a lot of people were in the right place at the right time to provide just the right political clout necessary to save the Jews from genocide. Maybe these events were deliberately orchestrated by G-d who had a direct role (albeit a concealed, behind the scenes role) in ensuring that the right people would be in the right place at the right time?  This might also explain why Purim is a holiday of masks. The costumes make it difficult to notice one's real identity, just like natural events make it difficult to notice Divine intervention.  The Megilah is also known as the Book of Esther, and the name "Esther" contains the Hebrew root for the word "hidden".

Wishing you and your family a happy Purim!

Staff Contact Information

Ira Dounn, SJR Program Director

(856) 424-4444 ext. 1285


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Join us for SJR BBYO's 50th Anniversary Celebration!

On Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 7:30pm at the Katz JCC, SJR BBYO will be celebrating it's 50th year in South Jersey.  Alumni, parents, and supporters are invited to attend this important event that will honor three influential and beloved former regional directors: John Matz (1969-1975), Alan Goldberg (1977-1980), and Aaron Greenberg (1989-1993).  We will be looking back at five decades of life-changing experiences and relationships to ensure that BBYO has a bright future in South Jersey. For more information about this exciting event, please click here.

We need your help!  Here are some ways you can get involved:

1. You or your company can become a sponsor!  More information about sponsorships can be found here.

2. You or your company can donate items or services for the silent auction!  Please contact Ira Dounn at for more information.

3. You or your company can purchase an ad or message in our 50th Anniversary Celebration Tribute Book.  More information about ads and messages in the Tribute Book can be found here.

4. Calling all parents!   Besides the first three options, you can purchase a plaque on the SJR BBYO "Friend for LIfe" Wall to honor your child in BBYO.  Each plaque contains 3 lines with 20 characters available per line.  More information about the SJR BBYO FAN Wall Plate can be found here.

Finally, you can help by spreading the word to others who you think would be interested in supporting our cause.  Thank you for your support of SJR BBYO!

Please contact Ira Dounn at (856) 424-4444 ext. 1285 or with any questions about this event.

Register for SJR Spring Thing 2011!

Registration for Spring Thing 2011, SJR BBYO's last regional convention of the year, will be open until Thursday, March 24th.  Spring Thing 2011 will be from Friday, April 8th until Sunday, April 10th at the Hotel ML (formerly the Mount Laurel Marriott) on route 73.  Featuring Regional States, meaningful Shabbat services and programming, song leading by Eric Hunker, the Walk 4 Cancer, admission to the CoCo Keys Water Resort, and Regional Elections, this is not a convention you want to miss!  The cost of $250 includes 2 nights deluxe lodging at the Hotel ML, all meals, and all programming fees.  Limited regional scholarships will be available, and the scholarship application can be found here.  The scholarship application is due by Tuesday, March 22nd.  Late applications will not be considered.  Please contact Ira at with questions or concerns.

Congratulations SJR on Summer Experiences Registration!

In early March, SJR become the first BBYO region to exceed last year's domestic summer experiences registration by 15%! Last year, 50 teens attended domestic BBYO summer experiences (including CLTC, ILTC, Kallah, and Impact programs).  This year, 58 teens have already signed up for these extraordinary domestic summer experiences!  Because we have exceeded our registration from last year, SJR will be able to receive additional scholarship funds, and if we reach 30% (66 teens registered for CLTC, ILTC, Kallah, or Impact programs), we will receive even more! Please spread the word and let people know about the extraordinary array of summer experiences that BBYO offers!  If you would like more information about BBYO summer experiences, please click here (, or please contact Ira Dounn at (856) 424-4444 ext. 1285 or  The summer experiences scholarship application can be found here and is due to Ira Dounn, SJR BBYO, 1301 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 by April 1st.  Late applications will not be considered.

Welcome to the SJR Advising Team!

SJR BBYO would like to welcome Evan Herron and Dara Kates to the SJR BBYO Advising Team!

SJR BBYO is SEEKING ADVISORS to help SJR BBYO chapters.  Advisors must be 21 years old and committed to the mission of BBYO.  This is an extraordinarily meaningful opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of Jewish teens!

For more information about joining BBYO or applying to become a BBYO advisor, please contact Ira at


Interested in joining an SJR BBYO chapter and you are in 8th-12th grade?  There are currently 3 AZA (only male) chapters -Chapel AZA, Marlcrest AZA, and Woodcrest AZA, and 4 BBG (only female) chapters: Chevrah BBG, Dafna BBG, Neshef BBG, and Ohev BBG.  There is one coed chapter based in Washington Township called Re'ut BBYO.  And SJR has a chapter for special needs and typical teens to interact together called Dubrow BBYO.

For more information about joining BBYO, please contact your Regional Morim (Vice Presidents of Memberships) Brett Sklar at, Jolie Doogan at, or Ira at

Spotlight on Elisa Schwarz, Co-Advisor of Chevrah BBGElisa Schwarz

My name is Elisa Schwarz and I am a co-advisor for Chevrah BBG #2342. I attended Cherry Hill East and was a member of Chevrah until my graduation in 2006. I held the positions of Sh’lichah and Katvanit in my chapter, in addition to being part of several planning committees for regional conventions. BBYO taught me how to be a strong leader and believe in myself. That is why I am so happy to be back and helping other girls like me fulfill their potential through BBYO. I recently received my degree in Organizational Communications from Montclair State University. At Montclair, I was a member of Lambda Pi Eta – National Communications Honors Society, and Sigma Delta Tau, a national sorority, where I held the positions of President and Vice President. I am currently the Communications Associate at Kellman Brown Academy where I am involved in fundraising efforts, programming, and marketing and communications. I know that BBYO, and everything I have learned from being involved in it, has helped me to become the person that I am today. It has given me amazing experiences, the ability to grow as a person and a leader, and make life-long friends.

Upcoming SJR BBYO Events

  • March 11-13: East Coast Kallah 2011
  • March 14th: ACHAD Basketball from 5-6:30pm at the JCC. We need more BBYO teens to play basketball with young people with special needs!  Please come and participate in this extraordinary experience!
  • March 20 (12pm-4pm): Purim Carnival at the JCC for younger children.  This year, BBYO will be in charge of all of the boothes and will be running a dodgeball and gaga tournament for our Teen Connection (6th-8th grade) program!
  • March 21: Regional Meeting, 7-9pm, JCC
  • April 8-10: Spring Thing 2011
  • May 7: SJR BBYO's 50th Anniversary Celebration (for alumni, parents, and community leaders only)

New Scholarship Fund for BBYO Passport Israel Travel to Distribute $100,000!





BBYO is proud to announce the establishment of the Milk & Honey Israel Fund.

In keeping with our mission to share the experience of Israel with as many Jewish teens as possible, we will be offering 100 need-based scholarships in the amount of $1,000 this summer. Submissions are due no later than March 20th, 2011.

This scholarship is only guaranteed for one-year. Act now!

Learn More

Looking for a Real Israel Experience?




Click here to watch our new Passport 2 Israel Commercials!

Hot Off the Press: Shofar Newsletter

The 2011 Shofar: The Newsletter of AZA & BBG is here! Written by the BBYO Teen PR Team, the newsletter covers important happenings across the organization such as Speak Up, Build a Prayer and Panim el Panim. Also, don't miss the special interviews with Rebecca Ungerman, BBYO's favorite song leader and Jeremy Sherman and Arielle Braude, BBYO's International Teen Presidents. There's even a secret "confessions" page from the 2020K team about working in BBYO's International Office!

Read the Shofar Now!

25 teens from SJR attended International Convention 2011 in L.A.

Los Angeles, Calif. hosted more than 750 Jewish teen leaders from eight countries on February 17 – 21 for BBYO’s 86th Annual International Convention (IC). Highlights included a rally to launch Stand Up for Each Other: BBYO's Campaign for Respect and Inclusion; a Day of Service & Advocacy taking participants out into the L.A. community; speakers such as Judea Pearl, the father of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl; and the election of the 2011-2012 AZA and BBG International Boards!

Congratulations to Lindsey DuBoff, SJR's Regional N'siah, on her election to the position of International Mitmom! (Vice President of Membership)

Click here to read more about what happened at IC 2011!

Click here to visit the IC 2011 Live Blog!

Special Thanks for BBYO's Chapter Advisors

Did you know that SJR BBYO has 12 volunteer chapter advisors who dedicate their time and energy to serving as mentors and role models to all of our AZA and BBG teens? This month is Advisor Appreciation Month and we are hoping that every teen and parent can take a moment to thank their Chapter Advisor -- they truly cannot be thanked enough!

If you aren't sure who your son or daughter's chapter advisor is, just ask your teen. They'll be able to tell you how impactful chapter advisors are to the success of AZA and BBG chapters. Our organization would not be what it is without them!

J-Serve 2011 is Right Around the Corner!

-    J-Serve is April 17, 2011, however your community may be hosting it earlier or later to accommodate your community’s needs
-    Registration is on
-    Keep up with J-Serve news on Facebook and on Twitter @J_Serve

Build a Allows Customization of Shabbat Experience

BBYO’s Build a is a comprehensive liturgical website that allows users to make a traditional or pluralistic Shabbat service and add custom content to tailor it to individual preferences. Click to download sample services created on Build a  such as Young Adult Minyan Service, Sisterhood Service and Brotherhood Service.

Here are a few things that people are saying about it:

“This is a most amazing site, thank you for conceiving of this and making it available! I will use them personally and professionally!" - Deborah Newbrun

“This is a phenomenal resource. I help families (mostly families of children with special needs and circumstances) plan for out of synagogue b’nei mitzvah. This is VERY helpful.” - Howard Blas

“What a GREAT idea and site!!  I think it would be a wonderful project for our 6 - 7th grade classes who are learning the "geography" of the siddur and the structure of our services to "build" their own siddurim." - Shelley Kniaz

Visit Build a today!