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A Message from Josh Rothstein, KIO Regional Director

Happy New Year KIO! When was the last time you thought about socks?

...Probably NEVER! If you're like most of us, if you've given any thought to them at all, it's more along the lines of feeling frustrated when you can't find a pair that actually match! They are just something we take for granted. But for those who participated in KIO's recent Sock Drive this past December, the importance of socks has taken on a whole new meaning. Thanks to an eye-opening presentation by the Freestoore Foodbank's, Keshia Jones, we learned that a pair of socks can make all the difference to someone who is living on the streets and who may not have even have any to wear during the cold winter months, when their feet get wet and are most susceptible to frostbite.

That's why I am especially proud that our recent KIO Regional Convnetion, well over 400 pair of socks were presented to Keshia, who then took them to a local organization for distribution to the homeless in and around the city. Here is an excerpt from the thank you note that Keshia wrote to all who participated in this important project:

"I ended up taking four large garbage bags full of socks into the agency. It was great and the Back on Track Volunteers were so happy to have them. You all saw a need and filled it and we are grateful for the assistance."

We all have so much to be proud of, and this momentum will only carry us forward. Congratulations to our 59th Regional Board members who are meeting in the next few weeks to create a master plan for the year ahead. And, I am excited to announce that KIO has done such a great job and has made such a great impression on BBYO International that the Grand Aleph Godol, Logan Miller, will even be flying in to join us in the planning!

I look forward to KIO continuing to exceed expectations as we take 2013 by storm. We are so close to meeting our new member goals for the year so remember to talk up BBYO to everyone you know in the 8th grade and get them to a meeting or event soon!

Hope to see you at #Occupy the JCC on January 25h in Cincinnati!


#Occupy the JCC and Stand Up to Stand Out!

What do you stand for? KIO is invited to come “Stand Up to Stand Out” when Cincy BBYO presents the Second Annual #Occupy the JCC on Friday, January 25th. Last year nearly 100 people participated in this event, which was the winner of KIO’s 2012 Program of the Year. This year even more are expected to attend so don’t miss the chance to take part in this fun and meaningful program!

First, join Ner Tamid BBG and Mishpocha AZA for a family-style Shabbat dinner at 6:30pm, featuring a delicious Italian food buffet. Some cities are providing transportation to the event, but if your parents are driving you, or would just like to attend the dinner and the Chapter Board Installations Ceremony to follow, they are welcome.

The cost of the event is $27 per person. But, if you bring 3 or more canned goods to donate to Cincinnati’s Freestore Foodbank, it’s only $20, and that includes everything from dinner and snacks to breakfast the next morning! The overnight ends at 11am on Saturday, January 26th.
Need to convince your parents to let you come, (or the parents of some potential new members?) Click here to have a Parent Packet sent to them.

Louisville: Mike Steklof will be driving a van to the event, but it is currently full. If 30 teens commit to going, he will get a bus ($10/person). He still needs teens to sign up! Click here to sign up.

While other cities may not be providing vans or busses, Dayton parents will be providing transportation. Click here to get in touch with Yale Glinter if you need help finding a ride from another parent!

Award Winners at Regional Convention

Congratulations to the59th KIO Regional Board:

•Halle Herman, Columbus: N’Siah (President)
•Zach Samuelson, Cincinnati: Aleph Godol (President)
•Natania Lipp (Louisville): Sh'licha (Judaism & Social Action)
•Herbert Meisner, Cincinnati: Shaliach (Judaism & Social Action)
•Eli Profeta, Indy: Moreh (Membership)
•Maggie Rosen, Louisville: Morah (Membership)
•Max Agranoff, Columbus: S’gan (Programming)
•Daria Penner, Indy: S'ganit (Programming)
•Kelsey Bardach, Cincinnati, Mazkirah (Communications)
•Sam Dolen, Columbus: Mazkir (Communications)

Congratulations to the Following individuals and chapters who won awards at the 2012 KIO Regional Convention:

Ben Africk, Dayton: S'gan of the Year & AZA Senior Life Award

Sam Dolen, Columbus: Mazkir of the Year, Shaliach of the Year & AZA Aleph of the Year

Greg Feinberg, Columbus: Moreh of the Year

Ben Lustig, Columbus: Gizbor of the Year

Zoe Phillips, Columbus: Mazkirah of the Year

AZA Chapter of the Year: Pops DSK

Program of the Year: Cincinnati's Occupy the JCC

AZA Program of the Year: Heart of Ohio AZA: TOGA Party

BBG Program of the Year: Aliah BBG: Mind Body Attitude Sleepover

Duck Race: Weprin Kadima

What's Up KIO?


27 teens from Cincinnati attended Regional Convention! Congrats to everyone who was elected to Regional board and won awards.

Cincinnati BBYO will be electing their new Chapter Executive Boards on Monday, January 14th. It has been an awesome fall-winter term, and the Ner Tamid and Mishpocha chapter boards have accomplished great things over the past few months. We are all very excited to have our new Chapter Boards elected so they can hit the ground running with the new Regional Board of KIO. Stay tuned for election results!

Upcoming Events:

Occupy the JCC: 1/25


Columbus BBYO brought 34 teens to KIO’s Regional Convention this past December!

Pops DSK recently elected their Spring Board:

Jacob Honick: Gadol (President)

Greg Feinberg: S'gan (Programming)

Jake Davis: Moreh (Membership)

Chad Bloch: Shaliach (Judaism & Social Action)

Ben Lustig: Gizbor (Treasurer)

Jordan Gewirtz: Mazkir (Communications)

Upcoming Events:

Aliah Elections: 1/22

Bat Shalom Elections: 1/19


20 teens attended Regional Convention this past December. They joined another 125 teens from the Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio region for a weekend of Jewish networking, activities, leadership, fun and also elected a new set of teens to guide them in 2013. The weekend included a Shabbat Dinner, field trip to the UC Rec Center, Mixers, Havdalah, Hypnotist, Teen shared BBYO experiences, elections and a Banquet.

Both Weprin-Kadima and Hatikvah are busy planning recruitment programs and are doing extensive outreach in the community to provide more Jewish teens with a meaningful Jewish experience.

Upcoming Events:

Weprin Kadima and Hatikvah Chapter Elections: 1/16


Indy BBYO ended the year on a high note with a large showing for the 2012 KIO Regional Convention! After working hard all year on local programming, we climbed onto our nice comfy charter bus and rolled to regionals in style with over 30 teens from Indy. It was a great weekend of making new connections and new friends, while saying thank you and good bye to our seniors for this would be the last major BBYO event for many of them. There wasn't too much time for tears for Indy as our very own Senior, Maya Rothenberg, stepped down as Regional S'ganit, but was replaced by another Indy BBG, Daria Penner!

Upcoming Events:

Shabbat dinner for all chapter members and their families: 1/18


In December, 25 teens from Louisville attended Regional Convention in Cincinnati. Also in December, Jay Levine teamed up with Drew Corson AZA to host a Louisville BBYO family cookoff event, in which we raised over $100 for the International Service Fund!

Drew Corson is very excited for the upcoming trip to Cincy for Occupy the JCC.

Jay Levine has its Spring Term board elections on Sunday, January 13th. Following the elections, both Jay Levine and Drew Corson AZA will come together for the destalls of the fall board, and installs of the new board. Every family and teen of Louisville BBYO is invited!

Upcoming Events:

Chapter meeting & Super Bowl Party: 1/27

International Update:

Make sure to stay up to date on all things International Convention 2013 by reading the IC Blog and stay connected through Facebook: AZA BBG IC 2013, Twitter: @AZABBGIC2013 and Instagram: #AZABBGIC2013.


Share the AZA and BBG experience with a high school teen you know!

Share the BBYO Connect experience with a middle school teen you know!

The Impact of a Summer of IMPACT

BBYO teen Danielle Haft attended ILTC and IMPACT: DC in 2012. She wanted to share how her Summer of IMPACT impacted her:

“During the two-week experience I had at ILTC, I learned how to better the community through BBYO and at home. A day after ILTC ended, I traveled to IMPACT: DC. I was both very anxious and excited going into the program because I didn’t really know what to expect. Having attended two other BBYO Summer Experiences in the past, though, I was confident this one was going to be just as amazing as the others.

I chose IMPACT: DC because I am very interested in government. This program offered community service, politics, advocacy and Judaism all while staying at the beautiful campus of the University of Maryland. Walking away from this trip definitely gave me a brand new outlook on life and how I see the world. But, most importantly, it taught me what I can do to make a difference.”

Danielle is a member of Ahavah BBG #2303 in Nassau-Suffolk Region

For more information on Summer of IMPACT, click here.

Stand UP, Online Soon

This year KIO chose "Stand Up for Us" as our Stand UP cause. In this cause, we are able to choose what we support based on what we are passionate about as individuals within our cities. We've raised money for ISF, scholarships, and other causes, and we've spread awareness for causes like bullying and discrimination, along with what is happening in Israel.. Soon, you and your friends can Stand UP online! You will be able to create your own campaign or support KIO's campaign, track your hours and connect with friends around the world on the issues you care most about. Keep your eye out for the Stand UP website!

Go Beyond

Beyond is BBYO’s newest Israel experience, a gap year program based in Israel that gives Jewish young adults the chance to broaden their worldview before entering college. Beyond participants will gain valuable life skills, earn academic credit, explore their Jewish identity, deepen their understanding of Israeli society and chart a course toward a life of meaning and purpose.

Visit the Beyond website to learn more.

Advisor Leadership Training Conference

On December 14-16, 40 BBYO advisors from across North America gathered in Chicago for BBYO’s annual Advisor Leadership Training Conference (ALTC). Participants came together to share best practices, learn about all of BBYO’s programs and initiatives and be trained on how to help their chapters at home strive for all around chapter excellence.

Rachel Taubman, an advisor from BBYO Michigan Region, shared her feelings about ALTC: “I am proud to continue my work with BBYO, a movement that values what I have to offer and is here to help support my passion to advise.”

KIO BBYO is always welcoming friends and alumni of BBYO to be advisors. Contact your Josh Rothstein to learn more.

BBYO in the News

BBYO Hot Topics

Have you considered including BBYO in your estate plan? You can ensure that future generations of Jewish teens have fun, meaningful and affordable BBYO experiences!

Please contact your financial or legal advisors or BBYO for appropriate language.

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Save the Date:

  • Martin Luther King Day of Service is January 19, 2013.
  • Inauguration Day is January 21, 2013.
  • International Convention is February 14 – February 18, 2013.