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International Kallah goes beyond the traditional classroom. It’s where you can find your “Jewish self” through interactive sessions and one-on-one conversations about a spectrum of topics, making Jewish learning individualized and fun! Facilitated by Jewish educators of different backgrounds, you’ll have access to a variety of resources and something new every day. With time to spend outside bonding with new friends, Kallah is the perfect place to build strong relationships and create a diverse and cultured community. You’ll also explore Jewish culture through electives such as, art, music, cooking, photography, social media, and sports, to name a few.

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“International Kallah was undoubtedly the best three weeks of my life. Thank you to all of you who taught me lessons across the entire spectrum of life. Thank you for helping to build a community that will be the cornerstone of my Jewish identity for the years to come. And thank you for being the most intelligent, thoughtful, and caring community of leaders which I had the privilege of being part of!” —Hunter C., Kentucky Indiana Ohio Region

“I cannot thank you all enough for the friendships and memories you helped me create here. Before coming to Kallah, I thought I was pretty firm in my Judaism. But as it turns out, getting to know all the different perspectives you all had on topics, I find myself pondering over how I want to live my Judaism… In this aspect Kallah was definitely a 100% life-changing experience!” —David S., Germany

Is Kallah for you?
Kallah is a great program for Alephs and BBGs currently in 10th through 12th grade who hold sh'lichim positions at the chapter, council, or regional level, have attended any conventions focused on Judaism, have participated in AZA and BBG Global Shabbat, or have a passion for Judaism.

How many teens attend Kallah?
Kallah welcomes around 200 Alephs and B’nai B’rith Girls each summer. Participants come from every region and countries from across the Order.

Who staffs Kallah?
The International Kallah staff includes a site director, program director, song leaders, Israeli counselors (sh'lichim), expert specialists, college-age counselors from around the world (madrichim), and an office manager. In addition, we have over 10 Jewish educators onsite representing a variety of denominations and viewpoints, including rabbis and trained educators.

What is the Kallah curriculum about?    
The Kallah curriculum allows participants to learn about and connect with Judaism in their own way. With a diverse community of Jewish educators, guest experts, and peers, participants explore ancient and current topics and ask and answer some of Judaism’s big questions. Limmud sessions are traditional classroom learning time; electives offer participants ways to learn about Judaism through creative outlets; and teen-led Shabbat, morning (Shacharit), and evening (Mincha) services offer teens the chance to create truly meaningful Jewish experiences.

Is the food at Kallah kosher?
Perlman Camp utilizes certified kosher ingredients, and prepares in accordance with kosher practices. There is no ongoing rabbinical supervision in the kitchen.

What do I do about medication?
For the safety of our teens, all medications—prescription and over the counter—for camp-based summer programs must go through CampMeds. This includes any over-the-counter medication, including supplements or vitamins. Medications used in emergency situations, like an epi pen or inhaler, as well as oral contraceptives can be brought to camp and do not need to be filled through CampMeds. CampMeds medications must be filled no later than 30 days before the start of a program. BBYO staff are unable to distribute medication that a participant brings with them. Failure to accurately fill prescriptions through CampMeds will result in a $250 fee and medication brought will not be distributed. Failure to comply with the policy may result in a removal from the camp program.  

How do I get to Kallah?
Teens can either be dropped off directly at camp by a parent or guardian, or they can fly into the local airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, NJ (EWR), where they'll be met by BBYO staff and taken to their program by bus.

Do you offer travel insurance?
BBYO is glad to offer a travel insurance option for all our Summer Experiences through Travel Insured International. Families are highly encouraged to purchase travel insurance to protect their investment and plan for the unexpected. Please visit this page to see all the details on the policy and its terms.

What are the health and safety precautions for Summer 2023?
All those who are in attendance at BBYO overnight experiences (children and adults) are required to have age-appropriate vaccines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). BBYO highly recommends—but does not require—each participant be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, including the most recent booster available. Please see our official vaccine policy here. BBYO reserves the right to update this policy based on the direction of BBYO’s Medical Advisory Committee.  

What does wellness look like at Kallah?
Kallah has a full-time licensed mental health professional and a nurse on site. Additionally, all BBYO staff are youth mental health first aid certified.

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Elevate your summer with the most exciting duo around: combine ILTC + International Kallah for the ultimate Perlman Summer experience! These programs each offer the chance to make lasting friendships, explore Jewish values, and learn practical leadership skills—but by combining them together, they provide twice the opportunity for a summer packed with learning, leading, and self-exploration.

There are many more ways to combine our summer experiences to extend your fun, learning, and self-exploration. Explore your 2023 connection options here.


BBYO offers need-based scholarship so that anyone who wants to is able to attend our programs without financial constraints standing in the way. To apply, please complete the BBYO Scholarship Application Form after you complete your registration. Applications are due by January 19, 2023; after that date, all requests will be considered on a rolling basis.