Peres AZA plans Harvest Hop



In this day and age, there are many different forms of leadership, but the way that BBYO, a Jewish youth organization for high schoolers, combines leadership and Judaism provides a unique opportunity to become a better leader and create a Jewish identity.

In Memphis, BBYO is prevalent, and one of the chapters is Israel H. Peres AZA. The chapter is made up of around 60 young Jewish men who come together to have Jewish experiences, become closer with the other Jewish youth in the community, and to take leadership roles.

As the chapter continues to evolve and adapt to society, one particular chapter tradition has held strong for over 60 years.

Every year on Thanksgiving Night, Peres AZA puts on a fundraiser play called Harvest Hop, which is completely written, organized, and performed by chapter members and has enjoyed success since its creation.

The funds raised by Harvest Hop are donated to charities and/or used to enhance the BBYO experience for Peres, Memphis BBYO, and the entire BBYO region. This year's Harvest Hop chairman is Sam Canales, who has been working diligently with his peers to get Harvest Hop prepared.

"We want to ensure that this year's Harvest Hop is as successful as possible and we would love to see all of you there," said Sam.

Harvest Hop will be held at the Memphis Jewish Community Center and will start at 8:30 pm. Prior to the play, at 7:45 pm, there will be an auction full of amazing items. A dance for teens from 9th thru 12th grade will be held after the play. Tickets are free for anyone under 18 and cost is $5 for adults.