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Your gift is critical to ensuring a bright and vibrant Jewish future for thousands of teens across the globe.

Through BBYO, teens develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults who care about them, discover their connection to Judaism, and build the confidence and leadership skills they need to make a profound and lasting impact on our world. Your gift to BBYO not only enriches the lives of Jewish teens in your region, but in more than 725 BBYO communities worldwide.

Your donation makes a difference in helping us to engage and inspire more Jewish teens—while keeping our experiences affordable and accessible.




Help us ensure that BBYO will always be a place in your community where teens can turn for connection and support, to explore their identities, and to build their own Jewish experiences. By giving locally, you’ll also become a part of BBYO’s Friends and Alumni Network—a dedicated community of parents, alumni, and supporters who help our Movement to thrive, while maximizing their impact in their local region.

Program and membership fees cover just 50% of the operational costs in our local communities. Philanthropic support from parents, alumni, friends, and community members cover each region’s remaining costs, keeping Jewish experiences affordable and directly supporting scholarships, staff capacity, and high-quality experiences in your community.



Supports a teen-led Shabbat program in your community



Provides a scholarship for a teen's first BBYO regional convention

Summer experiences


Funds BBYO summer experiences connecting teens around the world



On May 3, 2024, BBYO will commemorate its 100th anniversary. As we look back on a century of impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jewish teens, we invite you to get involved. Explore how we’re uniting the BBYO Movement this year, and how you can be a part of this historic moment and help lay the foundation for the next 100 years by visiting our Centennial website.

Thank you for your help in celebrating our Movement—remembering our past, enriching our present, and strengthening our future.



By becoming a member of our Honor Society with an annual gift of $1,800 or more, you’ll join a network of prominent philanthropists who partner with BBYO to make an impact on the lives of thousands of Jewish teens while ensuring the long-term growth and stability of our global Movement.

As a member of the Honor Society, you’ll learn more about the impact of your gift to BBYO by receiving frequent updates directly from BBYO’s leadership team and gaining access to exclusive opportunities and events throughout the year. All Honor Society members are recognized in BBYO’s Annual Report, and gifts can be made directly to your local community, to support our global Movement, or through one of our three Advisory Councils supporting alumni engagement, women’s leadership, and the BBYO parent experience.


"BBYO has been so instrumental and effective at developing both my leadership and social skills. With a plethora of opportunities to lead in ways I never would have thought possible before, BBYO ensures there will be no shortage of young leaders in today's world. The world is in good hands with the incredible people that come out of this Movement."

Leo N., BBYO Teen, Great Midwest Region



Making a planned gift allows you to align overall your financial needs with your philanthropic goals, ensuring your legacy for generations while supporting the long-term growth of an organization you care deeply about. Planned gifts and endowments established many years ago are still helping to sustain our Movement today.

Planned gifts can be made from your will, charitable trust, estate plan, retirement plan, or even life insurance policy. These gifts may support or launch a special BBYO initiative, benefit your local BBYO community, or help to strengthen BBYO in the areas where it is needed most. Planned gifts may take the form of:

  • Bequests (easily added to your will or estate plan)
  • A charitable gift annuity
  • A gift of appreciated assets
  • A gift of real estate
  • A designation in your retirement plan
  • And more

BBYO’s legal name for planned giving is B’nai Brith Youth Organization. Our EIN (tax ID) number is 31-1794932, and our legal address is 529 14th St NW, Suite 705, Washington, DC 20045. To learn more about the BBYO Legacy Society and making a planned gift to BBYO, please contact us at [email protected]. If you already have provisions for BBYO in your planned giving, make sure to let us know so that we can recognize your generosity appropriately throughout the year.

"BBYO has taught me the importance of Tikkun Olam and how our actions can strengthen our local and global community. Making the world a better place is the heart and soul of BBYO."

Estee M., BBYO Teen, Michigan Region



If you’d like to learn more about these great ways to support BBYO and further our mission to provide more Jewish teens with more meaningful Jewish experiences, please contact Jayme David, Vice President of Community Engagement, at [email protected] or by calling 202.857.6633.

BBYO Annual Report

BBYO’s FY23 Annual Report celebrates the achievements across our Movement, highlights the impact of our supporters, and provides financial updates for the organization. To learn more about BBYO’s mission and history and to view past annual reports, please click here.



If you have any questions about your donation, need a receipt for tax purposes, or would like to learn more about the impact of your gift, please contact us at [email protected].