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Give your teen a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a welcoming group of friends to support them as they navigate high school and their teen years. Our members have access to exclusive events, leadership programs, meaningful service projects, Jewish enrichment opportunities, and so much more.

Learn more about BBYO below—how your teen can get involved, and ways for you to connect with other parents in your local community and across our global Movement.




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For nearly a century, parents have trusted BBYO to create safe and nurturing environments in which their teens can grow, play, learn, and lead. Now more than ever, our programs are constantly evolving, shaped by and for our teens to provide them with the tools to build confidence, skills, and friendships that will last them a lifetime. Parents put their faith in us, and we make it our mission to always uphold it.


About BBYO

BBYO is the leading pluralistic teen movement aspiring to involve more Jewish teens in more meaningful Jewish experiences. With over 700 teen-led chapters (AZA for boys and BBG for girls) across 60 countries around the world, Jewish teens in communities of all shapes and sizes engage their peers in activities focuses on community service, philanthropy, civic engagement, Israel education, and Jewish heritage, among other topics. 

Participation in BBYO begins in eighth grade or freshman year of high school and lasts through graduation. Membership in BBYO is a one-time fee of only $249, and grants teens access to special events, exclusive programs, a peer group that spans the globe, and a robust alumni network that can support their success well beyond high school and into adulthood.

During the school year, programs, conventions, and elections are held on the local, council, regional, and international level and are planned by elected and appointed teen leaders who are chosen by their peers to help create meaningful and fun experiences. 

Like any group with a passionate member base, BBYO has developed a hearty set of internal language and nomenclature which can be confusing to newcomers. Check out this helpful guide to help decode any new words!

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Member Experiences

Summer Experiences

BBYO offers teens a wide variety of summer program options. Our members-only leadership programs pair the values of AZA and BBG—leadership, service, brotherhood and sisterhood—with the best of camp—athletics, swimming, electives, and fun in the sun—for a one-of-a-kind experience with an emphasis on growing skills and friendships. Teens can also explore the world with whatever focus drives them—outdoor adventures, service-based trips, cross-cultural connection—through BBYO Passport programs.

Movement Initiatives

Movement initiatives are BBYO’s signature annual programs that introduce and engage current and future members in BBYO locally, nationally, and internationally. BBYO Kickoff, Global Shabbat, J-Serve, and Founder’s Day happen around the same time in communities across the international Order. These unique community-wide events are a powerful reminder that every member is part of something bigger than themselves.​

Local Events

The heart of BBYO takes place in our regions and chapters around the world. This is where teens find their closest friends, have the opportunity to convene with peers, staff, and volunteers on a regular basis, and cultivate pride in their communities and themselves. Visit our BBYO Near You page to find your local chapter, as well as upcoming nearby events.

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Celebrating Our Centennial


This year, BBYO is approaching our 100th anniversary—a milestone moment reserved for the world’s most iconic, and impactful, organizations and institutions. Since 1924, BBYO has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of Jewish teens worldwide. And this year, with special events and new initiatives launching across the globe in honor of this extraordinary occasion, there’s no better time to be a teen, or a parent, in BBYO. Learn more about our Centennial and how we’re celebrating 100 years of BBYO—and launching an incredible second century—by visiting our Centennial website.


Benefits of BBYO

Leadership Opportunities

BBYO emphasizes teen leadership on every level—teens can be elected onto chapter, council, regional, or international boards. In addition, throughout the year there are dozens of opportunities for teens to plan, recruit, and coordinate events and programs. You can read more below in the Teen Leadership section!

Inclusive Environment

BBYO welcomes Jewish teens of all backgrounds, denominational affiliation, gender, race, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, including those with a range of intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities. We are committed to creating a mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically safe environment for all teens in our care. Learn more about our commitment to safety, wellness and inclusion here.

Jewish Identity

BBYO connects many teens to their Jewish identity post B’nai Mitzvah. Our pluralistic programming includes holiday celebrations and providing teens with opportunities to explore Jewish traditions and history. We work to encourage and facilitate the exploration of Jewish identity as well as Israel advocacy and education through programs about and in Israel.

Global Jewish Connections

With a presence in 63 countries today (and rapidly expanding into new areas), BBYO offers unique opportunities to join together Jewish teens from around the world with one another, expanding their awareness of the diversity of Judaism across the continents. These global connections last a lifetime and create strong and lasting bonds of friendship. Check out more about BBYO’s global reach here!

Vast Alumni Network 

Alumni have the benefit of being a part of an extensive BBYO network of over 400,000 members. These connections can help young people find their calling in college and in future careers. There are many ways alumni can engage with BBYO to build community, reconnect with fellow alumni, and support BBYO’s mission to bring more Jewish teens more meaningful Jewish experiences. Learn more by visiting our Alumni Hub.

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"BBYO motivated me to stay connected to my Jewish identity throughout highschool. The interactive programming that I participated in and planned kept me interested in learning more about Judaism and introduced me to the diverse wonders of Israel. Being a part of BBYO has connected me to my true Jewish self."  

—Rachel M., BBYO Alumna, Wisconsin Region


Teen Leadership

Leadership Positions

BBYO is built on providing teens with meaningful Jewish experiences, but as a truly teen-led organization, our members are empowered to take the lead on shaping those experiences, as well as the overall direction for each programming year. 

Members can hold a variety of leadership positions including board positions that can be held for one semester or two, chair positions within a chapter, convention coordinating roles, and summer experience planning positions. Check out our site on leadership opportunities for more information!

Leadership Skills

The leadership model in BBYO provides teens with a toolbox of skills that set them up for success not only in BBYO, but as they move on to higher education, careers, and community leadership. In addition to an emphasis on fostering respect for others and valuing community service, we focus on practical lessons in public speaking, conflict resolution, effective message crafting, program planning and implementation, and so much more.

With so many of our alumni emerging as leaders on their college campuses and in their careers, academic decision makers have taken notice of involvement in BBYO as a positive CV highlight. To underscore this, our CEO, Matt Grossman, sends a letter to over 120 college admissions officers every year highlighting aspects of the BBYO high school experience that carry over into a successful college career. Matt’s message focused on how BBYO teens are trained to proactively solve problems—rather than waiting for others to do so for them—through curiosity, collaboration, and understanding.

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"Serving as a regional board member and spending so much of my time in high school programming events and activities has been the greatest opportunity to build my character. BBYO provides opportunities for teens from all backgrounds to build a foundation for a meaningful Jewish life."

​—BBYO Teen, Great Midwest Region​


Parent Resources

For a century, BBYO has been engaging Jewish teens and providing them with the tools to embrace their identities, sharpen their leadership skills, and create lasting friendships with their peers. And at this historic moment, BBYO is coming together to celebrate and strengthen the role parents play in our thriving organization—and create opportunities for parents to get more involved in our Movement. Below you can explore exclusive resources and special opportunities to deepen connections with your teen and other BBYO parents throughout the year.

Supporting Teen Mental Health: Monthly Virtual Events

Throughout the year, the Parent Advisory Council hosts a series of events and seminars for the greater BBYO parent community. Parents and experts share their insights on how to best support teens, on topics ranging from teen wellness and stress management to transitioning from high school to college and getting better sleep. Please click here to view all past events hosted for BBYO parents by the Parent Advisory Council.

Parent Engagement Toolkit

Looking to get more involved in your local BBYO community? Click here to explore the ways you can help strengthen our Movement and make connections in your community.

Click here to explore additional graphics and resources for sharing that you’re a proud BBYO parent, or telling other parents about BBYO.

Parent Advisory Council

Help strengthen and enrich BBYO's parent community by joining the Parent Advisory Council. Through the Council, parents of BBYO teens and recent alumni offer guidance, leadership, and support to enhance the BBYO parent experience through programming, community-building, and exclusive opportunities and resources.

Make a Gift to BBYO

Our vibrant and growing Movement is made possible by program and membership fees, which cover approximately 50% of our costs, and also through generous donations from BBYO parents, alumni, and supporters who help to cover the other 50% of our needs. Philanthropy is vital to ensuring that the full participation in BBYO is accessible for all families, keeping program fees low and directly funding scholarship, staffing, and high-quality experiences directly in our local BBYO communities. A gift to your teen’s region gives more Jewish teens the opportunity to find their home in BBYO. Click here to donate.

Become a Parent Advisor

Parents have a unique opportunity to become volunteer chapter advisors. Advisors are a crucial part of the BBYO experience, serving as adult guides for teen members to help create meaningful and successful programs for the whole chapter to enjoy.

Parent Pulse

Parent Pulse is our email update designed to keep parents in the loop on happenings in BBYO and with teen culture in general. Content includes highlights from around the Order, spotlights on teen trends, news on upcoming events, and more!

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"Our friends told us how CLTC (BBYO summer leadership program) made their kids more outgoing and confident. We sent our son this summer and it was the best decision we’ve made. He sees himself differently and it’s reflected in his confidence. Something amazing happened this summer and I attribute it to BBYO and CLTC."

—Jennifer W., BBYO Parent, Great Midwest Region​