Wellness & Inclusion

BBYO is committed to creating a mentally, emotionally, and physically safe environment for all teens. We strive to build in our teens the ability to face adversity and developmental challenges and thrive.

BBYO welcomes Jewish teens of all backgrounds, denominational affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, including those with a range of intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities.



Looking for additional resources or links to health and wellness information? Check out our Mental Health Resources Sheet.

Interested in getting involved with our teen Inclusion Committee in the International Leadership Network (ILN)? Learn more about how the Committee broadens inclusivity support at every level of our Movement.

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Drew Fidler

To find out about training, policy development or other wellness initiatives, contact Drew Fidler, Director of BBYO’s Center for Adolescent Wellness.

Drew Fidler

To learn how BBYO works with teens to ensure a comfortable, inclusive, and enjoyable atmosphere for all, contact Ari Handel, our Director of Inclusion.


Read more below from teens, alumni and employees about how inclusion in BBYO is imperative to our collective success, and how together, we can work to ensure that those with differing abilities have the access they need to realize their goals and be productive citizens in society.

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"BBYO was the first place that anyone ever asked me about my cochlear implants or seemed interested at all. If I hadn't joined, I don't think I would be the advocate that have become today- for myself, for my friends, for anyone. BBYO and the inclusive environment it creates is what allowed me to share my story and find my true passion in life, and for that, I am forever grateful." Tyler R., BBYO member, Greater Atlanta Council

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"The first place I ever felt truly included was BBYO and I am filled with pride over BBYO's commitment to making every teen everywhere feel included. BBYO goes above and beyond to provide an inclusive space for every single participant. If this is what the future of the movement and the Jewish people looks like, I have never been more excited."Dalia D., BBYO alumna, Pacific Western Region

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“I can truly say BBYO strives to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all teens. In the region I work in, the teens take an active role in embracing every individual and really creating a safe space that all teens can call home.”Samantha Walsh, Regional Director, New England Region