Sixty BBYO RMR teens attend 'A Shabbat to Remember'


Sixty teens from BBYO Rocky Mountain Region participated in BBYO's global Shabbat themed "A Shabbat to Remember," on Nov. 6.

Holocaust survivor Osi Sladek shared his story of struggle and perseverance, just days before the 77th anniversary of Kristallnacht as the teens in attendance embraced the responsibility of passing down these personal accounts.

"I truly felt the warmth of the Denver community when listening to Osi's story and as the last generation I felt like I was a part of something great," said Briana Davine, age 18.

"Hearing Osi's story made me passionate about standing up for Israel and the Jewish people to make sure the Holocaust never happens again.

"It was amazing to see the BBYO community come together to support a cause that is important," said Alissa Geller

This event not only happened on the local level in Denver and Albuquerque, but across 15 countries: Argentina, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Israel, Latvia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay and the elsewhere in the US.

Survivors had the opportunity to be inducted into BBYO as honorary members of the AZA and BBG, symbolically giving them the opportunity to relive their childhood stolen by the Nazis.

"With 'A Shabbat to Remember,' we aim to create celebratory and open spaces so that survivors can share their stories," said Colin Silverman, 91st AZA grand aleph godol (international president); and Lauren Keats, 71st international BBG n'siah (president).

"As the last generation to have the opportunity to hear from these survivors firsthand, we must make the most of this gift so that we will never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust or the lessons of strength and perseverance ofthe Jewish people."