Mar 13 2020

Fast Forward

BBYO launches Jewish ‘Netflix’ for live-streamed teen programming

BBYO is launching a streaming and on-demand video content center for Jewish teens to help Jewish institutions move their youth programming to the internet as schools, camps, sports events and other gatherings are cancelled and postponed due to coronavirus.

Feb 26 2020

Jewish Community Voice

SJR members enjoy extraordinary experience at IC in Dallas

BBYO’s annual International Convention (IC) came to an end on Feb.17, and South Jersey Region had an extraordinary time!

Feb 26 2020

Texas Jewish Post

Dallas Doings: Helen Risch, Big D

Helen Risch was among those honored at opening ceremonies when BBYO held its international convention (IC) in Dallas Feb. 13-17. She was awarded the BBG Alumna of the Year Award.

Feb 25 2020

Jewish News Syndicate

For the 3,500 teens at the annual BBYO convention, the world needs their help

Global economies, issues and relationships are crucial, but climate change, emphasized participants and youth organizers, “is the issue of the time.”

Feb 24 2020

eJewish Philanthropy

#TomorrowHappensHere BBYO International Convention 2020

More than 3,000+ Jewish teens from 44 countries convened at BBYO International Convention in Dallas this February.

Feb 14 2020

Press Now

A high-schooler struck back at anti-Semitism the best way she knew how: On Instagram

Abby Adams was given her first Star of David when she was in elementary school, but at the time, she says, it was just a pretty necklace to her - she didn't really understand the symbol's significance.

Feb 12 2020

Image title

A responsibility, a gift to embrace Jewish culture around the world

The 11 days I spent in Natz, Italy, on a BBYO cultural exchange titled ZWST Winter Machane, included some of the most incredible, humbling and eye-opening experiences of my life. ZWST is BBYO’s partner movement in Germany.

Feb 10 2020

Image title

Teen of the week: Mechanicsburg senior focuses on leadership, helping others

Sarah Levy has been involved in a wide range of activities throughout her high school career, from model United Nations to BBYO and being a varsity lacrosse goalie. But through it all, two consistent themes come through: leadership and helping others.

Feb 04 2020

The Times of Israel

Ambassadors to Ukraine: Uniting a Movement

As a member of BBYO, I consider myself part of “AZA and BBG, The Teen Movement,” a group of thousands of Jewish teens connected through membership in an organization.