Sep 02 2019

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Jared Berklee and fellow BBYO Ambassadors bond in Italy

Tulane sophomore Jared Berklee traveled to Israel for the Alumni Leadership Seminar in Israel (ALSI). He went for training as a lead counselor in BBYO’s Perlman summer program.

Aug 20 2019

eJewish Philanthropy

BBYO as a Case Study in Jewish Teen Engagement

It is no accident that the leaders of many of our religious, communal and policy-making bodies trace their commitment to their respective youth movements. But more particularly, the singular impact of BBYO on American Jewish communal and religious leadership ought not to be minimized.

Aug 01 2019

eJewish Philanthropy

A Shabbat to Remember and Never Forget

Shabbat is more than just a “day off” for many Jews around the world. It’s often referred to as a day of physical and spiritual joy which is used to rest and reconnect with family and friends.

Jul 10 2019

The Times of Israel

A Journey into a Community Rebuilding from the Heart of Horror

I hadn’t comprehended that I was going to Germany with BBYO. I hadn’t taken in that I was about to learn more about my Jewish roots, meet Jewish teens from the other side of the world, and – as always – have fun.

Jul 05 2019

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As a child of Russian Jews, I used to worry I wasn’t Jewish enough. A teen trip to Germany changed my mind.

My Jewish experience is very different from those of my friends. My parents emigrated from Moscow to Tel Aviv to San Francisco.

Jun 26 2019

Washington Jewish Week

Changing society's image of German Jewry: From 'We vs. They' to 'Us'

Over the course of the nine days, 15 teens from across the United States, Lithuania and Canada, were immersed in the vibrancy of German Jewry. 

Jun 20 2019

Kol Habirah


For nine days in April, I was lucky enough to explore Berlin and Frankfurt’s Jewish communities alongside 14 other BBYO teens from the United States, Canada, and Lithuania.

Jun 19 2019

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South Jersey Region seniors share their memories and love for BBYO

Senior year. For students all across the nation, the end of this long-awaited year traditionally means prom, graduation parties, and enjoying their last days of high school with their friends.

May 21 2019

eJewish Philanthropy

To Dismantle Gender Inequality, We Must Empower Our Most Crucial Allies: Young Men

Shock, confusion, embarrassment – for every #MeToo account that comes to light, many in our community have pondered why those with Jewish perpetrators hit us the hardest.