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Mar 02 2017

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Two Maryland teens have been elected to the board of BBYO International, with Baltimore’s Rebecca Sereboff serving as international president, or n’siah, and Montgomery County’s Allie Kalik as international vice president of membership, or aym ha&rsquo...

Mar 01 2017

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National Jewish Groups Launch Campaign in Support of Trans Youth

Kavod Achshav calls on Jewish organizations and individuals across the country to publicly support and protect transgender youth from harassment, bullying, discrimination, and violence.

Feb 24 2017

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RPCS Senior Rebecca Sereboff Elected International BBG President

RPCS Senior Rebecca Sereboff has been elected International N’siah (President) of the 73rd International Board of the B’nai B’rith Girls (BBG).

Feb 23 2017

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Yavneh transformed into international stage

As 179 Jewish teens from 29 countries outside the U.S. flocked to Yavneh Academy of Dallas Feb. 14, the day was anything but typical. A teen from Berlin led a traditional Shacharit service in one hall. Students packed a classroom in meditation upstairs. Still more circled in the library for a...

Feb 21 2017

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A Jewish youth convention’s delicate balancing act on the refugee debate

In an ever-polarizing age in America, nonprofits often need to decide how to make their organization’s voice or constituency’s voice heard on policy issues without making overtly political statements. Such was the delicate balancing act navigated by the BBYO Jewish pluralistic teen...

Feb 21 2017

Jewish News Service

At Olympic-style confab, BBYO teens showcase energy and international flair

My interview with Aaron Mantell and Danielle Wadler, two teens from New York’s Long Island region, is drowned out by a parade of chanting students passing us by. Welcome to the BBYO International Convention.

Feb 21 2017

Jewish News Service

New app helps Jewish students find roommates who meet their needs, interests

The Jewish pluralistic teen movement BBYO introduced a mobile app to help Jewish high school seniors or current college students find roommates.

Feb 21 2017

Jewish teens celebrating at the 2017 BBYO International Convention in Dallas.

Looking for a Jewish college roommate? BBYO has an app for that.

Finding a Jewish roommate at college can be a challenge, given that Jews make up only about 2 percent of the American population. A new free app hopes to make the matching process easier.

Feb 20 2017

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BBYO’s 2017 IC: 1st Look

At a time when many young people are feeling disconnected from institutional life, thousands of Jewish teens have converged in Dallas this weekend for the 2017 International Convention featuring figures from the worlds of politics, activism, entertainment and business who have aimed to &ldquo...