BBYO Launches “The Great Afikoman Hunt”


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Virtual treasure hunt highlights a timeless Passover tradition in a new and interactive way, connecting Jewish teens, young adults, families, and communities across the world

WASHINGTON, DC & WORLDWIDE—Offering a unique opportunity to build fun, spirited connections this Passover, BBYO is launching The Great Afikoman Hunt, powered by BBYO On Demand, beginning at 8 PM ET on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Often cited as the most widely participated in Jewish holiday throughout the world, Passover this year will be embraced very differently by many Jews than it has before. To meet the increasing need and desire for connection during these times, BBYO has collaborated with nearly 100 partners across the Jewish community to bring the hunt for the Afikoman online this year in an exciting interactive way. The experience will run the entirety of the Passover holiday and participants may enter at any time.

During the Passover Seder meal, the “Afikoman” is typically broken off from a piece of matzah and hidden, to be later searched for by children present. Participants in BBYO’s virtual Afikoman hunt, including teens, families, young adults, partners, and community members, will be invited to join in challenges and missions that will enliven their Passover holiday and connect them with a vast community of Afikoman hunters around the world. Points are earned by answering questions, solving clues, participating in tournaments, and by finding the location of hidden Afikomen images planted across the Internet on the websites of Jewish influencers, organizations, congregations, community centers, institutions, schools, and other Jewish gathering sites. Winners will be those dedicated searchers who accumulate the most points via challenges and finding Afikomans across the Internet.

“A virtual Afikoman hunt is such a great way to engage with the Jewish community and connect with our traditions during this time of social distancing,” said Glenn Randall, BBYO’s teen vice president of Jewish enrichment. “Being able to celebrate Passover in a fun, interactive way with people from all over the world helps me be a part of the kehillah kedoshah (holy community) that I’ve really missed these last few weeks.” 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, BBYO has transitioned from an event-driven organization to an organization focused exclusively on connectivity, and launched BBYO On Demand, a 24/7 virtual hub that any Jewish teen can create or participate in. Called a “Jewish Netflix for live-streamed programming" by the press, BBYO On Demand gives teens worldwide access to an innovative digital space filled with activities, events, and experiences they can tune into from anywhere, anytime. These experiences include art classes, video game tournaments, book clubs, chapter meetings, coffee house/open mic performances, cooking demonstrations, community service projects, prayer services, esports matchups, TikTok challenges, voter registration drives, and more. A complete schedule and additional information about BBYO On Demand can be found at

In a time of so much isolation, separation, and distancing, we each try our best to stay connected,” remarked BBYO member, Ryan Kassanoff, of Dallas, Texas. “While we can’t connect in person for Passover seders as usual, BBYO is offering us the chance to unite as a global community and have a little fun with a virtual Afikoman hunt!”

Additional information about The Great Afikoman Hunt, including FAQs, resources, prize information, and a partner list, can be found on the website. Participants are also encouraged to follow @BBYOInsider or the hashtag #GreatAfikomanHunt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok to stay up to date on clues, announcements, and information.


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