BBYO is committed to creating mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically safe environments in which all teens can thrive. As an organization impacting the lives of thousands of teens across the global Jewish community, we hold the responsibility for teens’ well-being as paramount. We are continuously working to adapt and develop resources, guidelines, and procedures that foster and maintain these safe, healthy, and inclusive environments.

The timeline below represents the actions BBYO has taken to date, and will continue to expand as a result of our ongoing and vigilant commitment to teen wellness in all its forms.



Please use the form below to report an incident of sexual misconduct (which may include but is not necessarily limited to unwanted touching; unwanted sexual advances; physical assault; or any form of behavior that makes you feel threatened in any way) or any other form of harassment, sexual or otherwise. BBYO takes all such reports seriously. A member of our professional staff, who is designated to follow up on such reports, will contact you.

Report an Incident

We also want to hear your ideas and feedback on how we’re doing. If you have a suggestion on a program we should run, an initiative you’d like to see take place, or general feedback on how we’re doing as it relates to teen health, wellness, safety and inclusion, please complete the form below.

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BBYO offers a third-party confidential support line to report harassment or other issues staff or teens may not feel comfortable sharing directly with BBYO executives or staff. To reach the support line call 1-833-480-0010.

Please visit our Safety, Wellness and Inclusion page for additional resources and guidelines that help us and our families prioritize and improve the safety and mental health of our community.