Since our founding in 1924, the Grand Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA) and International Order of the B’nai B’rith Girls (BBG) have served as the preeminent leadership programs for Jewish teens from all walks of life.

Beyond their time in BBYO, our alumni have proven through the ages that they continue to be at the forefront of society in building themselves as global citizens, community members, and influential leaders worldwide. Today, there are more than 400,000 BBYO alumni across the world serving as leaders in business, entertainment, education, politics, and the Jewish community. Once an Aleph or BBG, always a part of our movement.

If it’s been a while since we connected, or you want to update your information or share important news in your life, we want to hear from you. Please complete the form below and we’ll make sure to update our records. We look forward to staying in touch!



We aim to bring in excellent speakers and educators to enhance our year-round chapter, regional, and international programming. We’re eager to engage alumni that bring unique conversations, workshops, or skill-building opportunities to our teens. Please complete the form below and a member of the BBYO team will be in touch should we have the right opportunity to connect.



The BBYO International Alumni of the Year Award recognizes an Aleph and a BBG who embody the Menorah Pledge and Cardinal Principles of our movements and show commitment to the Jewish community throughout their lives. For BBG alumnae, the principles of Jewish Heritage, Interfaith Relations, Philanthropy, Tradition, Citizenship, Community Service, World Jewry, and Good Sisterhood. For AZA alumni, the principles of Patriotism, Judaism, Filial Love, Charity, Conduct, Purity, and Fraternity.

Pictured are Courtney Mizel of V’Ruach BBG #201 in Rocky Mountain Region, 2019 BBG Alumna of the Year Award Winner; and Michael Staenberg of Mother Chapter AZA #1 in Mid America Region: Omaha Council, 2020 AZA Alumnus of the Year Award Winner.



Members of our Advisory Councils advise and inform BBYO’s efforts in their local communities and worldwide. The Councils feature highly successful individuals, at varied stages of their lives and careers, who actively work with BBYO to inspire and empower others through their work.

Women's Leadership Advisory Council

Women’s Leadership Advisory Council

The Anita M. Perlman Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI) enhances leadership and mentorship opportunities for young women through BBYO.  Council members guide WLI strategy; participate in special experiences; support teens, alumni, and advisors; and inspire and empower young women worldwide.

Wellness & Inclusion Advisory Council

Wellness and Inclusion Advisory Council

BBYO’s Wellness & Inclusion Advisory Council focuses on proactive wellness & inclusion efforts to support the BBYO community to create mentally, emotionally, and physically safe environments for all teens.

Parent Advisory Council

Parent Advisory Council

BBYO’s Parent Advisory Council is focused on promoting BBYO participation to Jewish families locally and globally. Council members enhance the parent experience of current and future BBYO parents by developing new resources and initiatives designed to familiarize them with the needs, opportunities, and development of their teens.

Leven Global Leadership Advisory Council

Leven Global Leadership Advisory Council

The Global Leadership Council is a cohort of respected leaders who expose BBYO teens to the leaders, brands, and causes they care about, and elevate BBYO’s brand as an experience for developing future top leaders.

Technology Advisory Council

Technology Advisory Council

The Technology Advisory Council provides technical expertise for BBYO’s large-scale IT enhancements and guides the organizations management of technology platforms.


Throughout the year, BBYO teens connect with members of our alumni community to learn what they’ve accomplished in their careers and lives since graduating and to explore how their experiences in BBYO have shaped them in adulthood. We’re featuring Monica Auslander Moreno, founder of Essence Nutrition and an alumna from Miami Region; and Corey Stern, advocate, lawyer, and a former BBYO Grand Aleph Godol. Be sure to check back as we continue to share additional stories over the coming months!



Make an impact on the lives of Jewish teens every day.

Do you want to change the lives of young Jewish teens? Give back to your community? Expand your network? BBYO advisors serve as positive role models working in partnership with staff members to supervise and guide chapters. Advisors empower each and every BBYO member to do their best, develop new leadership skills, and grow into dynamic and engaged young Jewish leaders.



“I am incredibly honored to be a part of this awesome organization…I firmly believe that every single moment of our lives is riddled with opportunities to make a decision or take an action, no matter how small, that may affect and impact others for a long period of time. My career as a BBYO advisor has been over 30 years of these ‘seemingly insignificant’ interactions and decisions that I have come to find out again and again were never so insignificant.”

– Randy Levinson, Chapter Advisor of House of David AZA #1488 & alumnus of Peninsula AZA #545, Central Region West



To learn more about opportunities to engage with BBYO as an alum/na, please contact Rebecca Feuerstein, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, at [email protected].