Central Region West

SF Bay Area, Northern California and Hawaii

About Central Region West

BBYO Central Region West comprises 19 chapters spanning from Marin to San Jose and all through the East Bay, representing over 950 Jewish teens in our area. By becoming a member of Central Region West, teens are afforded the opportunity to experience local programming in their communities, regional programming such as dances, community service days, sports events, and weekend-long conventions, and international programming at large-scale conferences and BBYO Summer Experiences.

Our chapters hold events every weekend at locations around the region. Events are planned by teens, for teens and programming ranges from fun activities like ice skating and camping overnights, to communal Shabbat celebrations and leadership trainings. A parent, advisor, or regional staff­ member is always on hand to ensure safety and health.

Fun Fact:  The first permanent chapter of BBG was organized in San Francisco in the year 1927.

Through teen-led and staff-supported programs, BBYO Central Region West gives our members opportunities to develop leadership skills and positively affect their communities, the world, and themselves. We constantly strive to provide more Jewish teens with more meaningful Jewish experiences each and every day, so that they may become the future Jewish leaders in their communities and in the Jewish world at large.

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BBYO CRW is a grantee of the Jewish Teen Education and Engagement Initiative (Teen Initiative), a project of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund, with support from the Jim Joseph Foundation and a consortium of local funders. Please contact Jennie Neuman ([email protected]) if you’re interested in learning more or being connected to our programs.

Board Members


  • N'siah: Jordan S

  • Morah: Rina S

  • S'ganit: Merav T

  • Mazkirah: Clara K

  • Sh'licha: Arianna S

  • Yehudiah: Tahlia F


  • Godol: Barak L

  • Moreh: Bar W

  • S'gan: Adam S

  • Mazkir: Ori G

  • Shaliach: Manor R

  • Shomer: Immanuel B

  • Gizbor: Yahli H


Jennifer Neuman
Regional Director

Celena Ritchey
Associate Regional Director

Sasha Joseph
Senior Regional Director


Programs & Events

Central Region West Chapters

Atz' Chaim BBG # 2043

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Chai BBG # 1728

Mascot Image

David Ben Gurion AZA # 2143

Since 9/24/1979
Mascot Image

Dreidel AZA # 2525

Since 2/27/2006
Mascot Image

East Bay BBYO

Since 5/28/2019
Mascot Image

El Al BBG # 1863

Mascot Image

Golden Gate AZA # 1929

Since 5/30/1975
Mascot Image

G'varim AZA # 1281

Since 6/27/1959
Mascot Image

Hannah Senesh BBG # 109

Since 4/5/1945
Mascot Image

House of David AZA # 1488

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Next Event

  • Halloween/BBG Night
    November, 01 2020 @ 6:00 PM EST

Jerusalem Shel Zahav BBG # 1516

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Next Event

  • JSZ Spooky Saturday (In Person)
    October, 31 2020 @ 2:00 PM EST

Josephine Esther Mentzer BBG # 2540

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L'Hadash Ahava BBG # 2120

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Machar AZA # 1887

Since 12/2/1974
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Marika Winheld BBYO # 5224

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Neshikot BBG # 2536

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Oakland BBG # 2

Since 2/1/1945
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Rabbi Morris Adler AZA # 1855

Since 8/29/1973
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Ramon AZA # 195

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Next Event

  • Anniversary Sunday
    November, 01 2020 @ 12:00 PM EST

San Francisco BBG # 1

Since 2/1/1945
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Simon Wiesenthal AZA # 2524

Since 2/8/2006
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Next Event

  • SiWi Pumpkin Carving Bonanza
    October, 31 2020 @ 6:00 PM EST