Eastern Canada Region

BBYO is a safe and welcoming teen community where youth develop their own personal Jewish identity.

The teen-led programming is always fun, with an emphasis on connection to the local and global Jewish community. Teens emerge with precious friendships and useful leadership skills that will serve them well into the future.

Committed to a pluralistic experience, BBYO welcomes all Jewish teens regardless of background, denominational affiliation, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.


Gab Dadoun
City Director

Katie Goldstein
Region Staff

landon Chapley
City Director

Programs & Events

Eastern Canada Region Chapters

B'nai Amitai AZA # 2322

Since 3/1/1983
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Haganah AZA # 2274

Since 11/18/1981
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L'Chaim BBG # 1956

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Sababa BBYO # 5076

Since 3/26/2019
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Shalom Maarav BBYO

Since 5/30/1988
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Yad B'Yad BBG # 2228

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