Eastern MIT AIT Convention

Friday, October 26, 2018 FROM 6:00 PM - Sunday, October 28, 2018 12:00 PM

YMCA Camp Weaver, NC

Eastern Region

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Event Details

MIT-AIT is a convention planned specifically for new members to BBYO. Programming during the weekend will revolve around the basics of BBYO: programming, history, and how chapters function. The teens will experience their first BBYO Shabbat which will be led by Rachel Wolman, a song leader from Richmond, who will be our guest for the weekend. A dance will be held on Saturday night. The participants will have the opportunity to meet other Jewish teens from North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and southern Georgia, learn a little about BBYO and have a great time!

Cost: $205.00

Travel Info


Registration will begin at 6:00 and dinner will be served at 7:30 on Friday, October 26th. The convention will end on Sunday, October 28th at Noon. Your local advisor or City Director will help arrange transportation. Transportation cost is not included in the convention fee. Teens are never allowed to drive to BBYO Conventions




Lauren Revenson                           Agusta                 [email protected]  

Lauren Revenson                           Asheville              [email protected]  

Lauren Revenson                           Blacksburg          [email protected]  

Lauren Revenson                      Chapel Hill-Durham [email protected]  

Ryan Woloshin                               Charleston           [email protected]   

Lauren Revenson                           Charlotte              [email protected]  

Ryan Woloshin                               Charlottesville     [email protected] 

Lauren Revenson                           Columbia             [email protected]  

Miriam Brown                                 Greensboro         [email protected] 

Lauren Revenson                           Greenville            [email protected]  

Ryan Woloshin                               Peninsula             [email protected]     

Ryan Woloshin                               Richmond             [email protected]      

Iris Maslow                                      Raleigh                 [email protected]  

Ryan Woloshin                               Savannah              [email protected]   

Benita Watts                                   Tidewater              [email protected]  

Sherry Grooms                               Wilmington           [email protected]  

Joel Zendel                                      Winston-Salem    [email protected]  


Eastern Region - MIT-AIT Convention 2018 - October 26-28 - Camp Weaver - Greensboro NC  



ATTENDEES:  All new members to Eastern Region BBYO from Virginia, North Carolina and Dixie Councils (southern Georgia and South Carolina) along with 20 older members and BBYO staff and advisors.    


PURPOSE: MIT-AIT is a convention planned specifically for new members to BBYO. Programming during the weekend will revolve around the basics of BBYO: programming, history, and how chapters function. The teens will experience their first BBYO Shabbat which will be led by Rachel Wolman, a song leader from Richmond, who will be our guest for the weekend. A dance will be held on Saturday night. The participants will have the opportunity to meet other Jewish teens from North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and southern Georgia, learn a little about BBYO and have a great time.  


COST and REGISTRATION: The cost of the convention is $205 (not including transportation). Registration is open and will close on at midnight Sunday, October 14th  


SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships are available for MIT-AIT Convention. The deadline to submit scholarship applications is Wednesday, October 3rd.  The scholarship form must be completed on line https://bbyo.org/regionalscholarship/ 

Each family will be contacted, via email, by the regional office with the amount of scholarship monies awarded by Thursday, October 4th.  Once you accept the scholarship, the regional office will register you for the convention and then you can pay the balance.   If you are requesting scholarship money, please do not register on line.  



REQUIRED FORMS: BBYO has developed a relationship with CampDoc, the leading electronic health record system.  All participants and parents are required to complete a health file before attending a BBYO convention. Once you have registered for the convention, you will receive an email inviting you to join CampDoc. Accept the invitation and complete all the forms. These forms provide dietary, medical and other important information. Teens will not be allowed to attend convention without completing Campdoc. 



SUPERVISION: The convention will be staffed by BBYO professionals and chapter advisors. There will be 1 staff person for every 15 teens.  


ACCOMMODATIONS AND WHAT TO BRING: Please bring toiletries, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, nice clothes for Friday night Shabbat, a plain white t-shirt and clothing for inclement weather. The teens will be staying in heated cabins.  The food will be kosher style – no mixing of milk and meat. When meat is served it is kosher.  



EMERGENCY: BBYO Emergency # (757) 812-2736