HVR Winter Convention 2020

Friday, November 13, 2020 FROM 6:00 PM - Sunday, November 15, 2020 4:00 PM

Westchester, NY,

Hudson Valley Region

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Event Details

HVR's Winter Convention 2020 is going to be a hybrid model of in-person and virtual experiences! This members-only event is an opportunity to connect with teens from across the region and show your HVR spirit through the Convention theme- Decades!

You will participate in teen-led programs, Havdalah, and popular programs like AZA and BBG Separates and Good and Welfare, as well as have access to Shabbat moments across the International order like Candlelighting, Shabbat Shira with Happie and Eric, Limmudim, Shabbat programming, and more!

We can't wait to have this amazing experience with all of you!

Cost: $65.00

Travel Info

Will HVR BBYO provide transportation or bussing for this Convention?

- No, there will be no provided transportation for this event. A clearer timeline of in-person events will be released shortly in order for you to plan and coordinate travel details.



Do I have to be a BBYO member to register for Convention?

- Yes, this is a members-only event.

I'm in 8th Grade. Can I attend this convention?

- Yes! Unlinke a typical convention where we would be staying overnight together as a region, 8th graders are welcome and encouraged to attend Winter Convention 2020!

I can only come to part of convention. Should I still sign up?

- Yes, we want you to come to convention! However, this is a flat rate for all convention activities.

I love the flannel pants that the HVR Regional Board made! Can I buy one?

- Lucky for you, these pants will come as part of the Convention package! There is no extra fee associated. After convention, there may be an opportunity to purchase extra if available.

I have a friend that's not in BBYO yet. Can they come to Winter Convention?

- We want your friend to come! For security reasons, all participants must be BBYO members. Your friend can become a member here: https://bbyo.org/become-a-member then will be eligible to register for convention.

I already filled out the waivers. Do I need to again for this Convention?

- No, completing the waivers is a one-time deal! Please review the questions on it before attending to make sure you comply with everything you agreed to ahead of time.