Kentucky Indiana Ohio Region

Mid-Southern Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky

About Kentucky Indiana Ohio Region

Welcome to BBYO-Kentucky Indiana Ohio Region’s website! KIO is one of BBYO’s fastest growing regions. With chapters in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, and Indianapolis, KIO continues to be the place where hundreds of Jewish teens are participating in more meaningful Jewish experiences.

Here you’ll find all the information you need to get involved in BBYO in any of the KIO communities and across the country. You can find out about upcoming events, chapters, and much more! You can always contact BBYO-KIO if you have questions or want to join: [email protected].

Events are planned by teens, for teens and programming ranges from fun activities like ice skating and camping overnights, to communal Shabbat celebrations and leadership trainings. A parent, advisor, or regional staff­ member is always on hand to ensure safety and health.

Through youth-led and staff-supported programs, BBYO KIO gives our members opportunities to develop leadership skills and positively affect their communities, the world, and themselves. We constantly strive to provide more Jewish teens with more meaningful Jewish experiences each and every day, so that they may become the future Jewish leaders in their communities and in the Jewish world at large.

Board Members


  • N'siah: Alyssa C

  • S'ganit: Shoshana P

  • Mit Mom: Audrey M

  • MazGiz: Jenna S

  • Sh'licha: Samantha I


  • Godol: Noah P

  • S'gan: Ryan P

  • Shaliach: Daniel R

  • Moreh: Jacob P


Roslyn Knapp
City Director

Becca Pollak
City Director

Spencer Mandell
City Director

Rebecca Waller
Regional Director


Programs & Events

Kentucky Indiana Ohio Chapters

Aliah BBG # 0368

Since 2/7/1952
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B'Yachad Sheila Greenwald BBG # 43

Since 5/15/1945
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Drew Corson AZA # 2329

Since 7/14/1983
Mascot Image

Hatikvah BBG # 1621

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Heart of Ohio AZA # 0055

Since 6/15/1927
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Indy Brae Sheath AZA # 0246

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Jay Levine BBG # 1508

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Lexington BBYO # 5012

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Mishpocha AZA # 0490

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Ner Tamid BBG # 2490

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Pops DSK AZA # 0155

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South Bend BBYO # 5013

Mascot Image

Weprin/Kadima AZA # 1646

Since 9/30/1968
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