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Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Upstate New York

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About Liberty Region

BBYO Liberty Region is comprised of chapters along Eastern Pennsylvania (including Philadelphia), Delaware, and parts of upstate New York. Over 800 teens are members of Liberty Region, and 2000 teens participate in programming with us each year. By becoming a member of Liberty Region and one of our more than 20 chapters, teens are afforded the opportunity to experience local programming in their communities, regional programming at our four annual conventions, and international programming at large scale conferences and immersive BBYO Summer Experiences. Liberty Region teens develop leadership skills, participate in local and regional community service projects, take part in athletic and social programming, and are given a safe space to be themselves while connecting with other Jewish teens.

Fun Fact: Liberty's spirit colors are red, white and blue, and our mascot is Captain America!

Through youth-led and staff-supported programs, BBYO Liberty Region gives our members opportunities to positively affect their communities, the world, and themselves. We constantly strive to provide more Jewish teens with more meaningful Jewish experiences each and every day, so that they may become the future Jewish leaders in their communities and in the Jewish world at large.

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Check out our upcoming events below! You can scroll through the calendar month-by-month, hover over an event to get a quick view, and click to find out more information or register for one of our programs. You can also explore our summer offerings, including camp-based leadership programs and domestic and international travel experiences. BBYO is committed to creating a mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically safe environment for teens at every program; learn more about our safety and wellness policies.

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Regional Staff

  • Regional Director: Genna Miller

  • Associate Regional Director: Zenobia Fried

  • Community Director: Sara Nussbaum


  • Sh'licha: Brynne M

  • N'siah: Jordana H

  • Morah: Hillary S

  • Mazkirah: Eliana K

  • S'ganit: Melissa C

  • Gizborit: Mollie C


  • Godol: Noah D

  • S'gan: Matt C

  • Moreh: Ethan B

  • Mazkir: Jacob N

  • Gizbor: Brandon G

  • Shaliach: Noah C

Dresher, PA

(267) 279-9370


Allentown AZA - Rabbi William Greenburg AZA #156

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Allentown BBG - Danielle Goren BBG #1188

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Berks County BBYO

Reading, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg AZA - Larry Urie AZA #128


Harrisburg BBG - Machar BBG #4

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Hatmadah AZA #1943

Lafayette Hills, Pennsylvania

Ilan Ramon BBYO

Rochester, New York

Kochavim BBG #1635

Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania

Kol Echad BBG #2555

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Next Event

  • Kol Echad Chapter Convention 2024
    June, 01 2024 @ 7:30 PM EST

Lancaster BBYO


L'Chaim BBYO #5118

New Hope, Pennsylvania

Leviticeem BBG #1974

Holland, Pennsylvania

Next Event

  • Leviticeem BBG Business Meeting & States
    May, 23 2024 @ 5:00 PM EST

Mishpacha BBYO #5060

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Next Event

  • Mishpacha's 2nd Board Elections
    June, 02 2024 @ 2:00 PM EST

Newark Tikkun Olam BBYO #5181

Newark, Delaware

Princeton BBYO

Princeton, New Jersey

Next Event

  • Princeton BBYO End of Year Party
    June, 02 2024 @ 3:30 PM EST

Scranton BBYO #5348


Syracuse BBYO


West Chester BBYO BBYO #5206

Next Event

  • West Chester BBYO Endoff
    June, 02 2024 @ 12:00 PM EST

Wilkes Barre BBYO #5350

Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Wilmington AZA - Brian L. Domchick AZA #164


Wilmington BBG - Tikvah BBG #1561

Wilmington, Delaware

Yitzhak Rabin AZA #2562

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Next Event

  • Yitz AIT and Elections!
    June, 09 2024 @ 11:00 AM EST

York BBYO #5347


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BBYO offers a fun, inclusive environment where lifelong friendships are formed, leadership skills are developed and Jewish identity values are nurtured.



Want to learn more about what teens do in Liberty Region? Check out our new “BBYO 101” overview!