NSR Regional Life Ceremonies - Virtual Webinar

Monday, May 24, 2021 FROM 6:30 PM - Thursday, May 27, 2021 6:30 PM


Nassau Suffolk Region

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Please join us in our NSR Regional Life Ceremony at 6:30pm ET on May 24th and May 27th.

Life Candidate Schedule - to be announced soon!

This year, we are hosting our Regional Life ceremony in two seperate days to space out speeches. Join us on zoom to hear life speeches via ZOOM Webinar on each day. 

Cost: FREE

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JOIN MAY 24th at 6:30pm 

Talia Bloch Genesis
Alex Goodstein New Frontier
Tyler Siegmann Yachad
Amanda Green Integrity
Jared Nachmias Legacy
Jacob Veeder Samson
Dani Gutenplan Par Par
Ben Yacht Nesher
Hannah Nissenbaum L'chaim
Carly Green Integrity
Sam Glassman New Frontier
Zoe Sherman L'chaim
Jillian Zimmerman Genesis
Aaron Platt Legacy
Charlotte Leigh Yachad
Garett Nogid New Frontier


JOIN MAY 27th at 6:30pm

Mandi Kurtz Ahavah
Nate Kimball Port
Alexandra Pollak Ahavah
Rachel Zweig Summit
Alexa Calderon Unity
Reid Klaben Hills
Arianna Alamo Hakotel
Noah Diamond New Frontier
Ava Lieberman Genesis
Payson Helming New Frontier
Or Bendror Summit
Emily Margolis Par Par
Lawrence Osher New Frontier
Talia Moses Genesis
Joey Starr Nesher
Alex Weinstein New Frontier
Carly Yanover Genesis

NSR Regional Life will take place from 6:30pm - 9pm on May 24th and May 27th.


Both sessions will be displayed on zoom for the region to join and hear their regional leaders give their BBYO life speeches.


BBYO Life is a tradition for seniors to say goodbye to their time as members of BBYO, reflect on their accomplishments, and use this platform to inspire others. Seniors often give their 'life' to a younger member who they believe to be strong future leaders. 

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