New England Region

Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island

About New England Region

New England Region is comprised of chapters throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We have chapters in North Shore, Acton, Metrowest, Newton, Sharon, Rhode Island, Brookline, and Merrimack Valley representing over 300 teens in our area. Teens involved experience local programming in their communities, regional programming such as dances, community service days, sports events, and weekend-long conventions, and international programming at large scale conferences and BBYO Summer Experiences.

Our chapters hold events every two to three weeks at locations around the region. Events are planned by teens, for teens, and programming ranges from fun activities like bowling and making s’mores over a bonfire, to more serious programming around social justice or leadership development. A parent, advisor, or regional staff­ member is always on hand to ensure safety and health.

Fun Fact: Our mascot is Larry the Lobster.

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Board Members


  • N'siah: Abby A

  • S'ganit: Anna S

  • Morah: Isabella L

  • Sh'licha: Ilana T

  • Mazkirah: Rachel G

  • Gizborit: Anne G


  • Godol: reese S

  • S'gan: Seth F

  • Moreh: Jake K

  • Shaliach: Jack E

  • MazGiz: Matthew C


Samantha Walsh
Regional Director


Programs & Events

New England Region Chapters

Alan Soifert AZA # 2289

Since 6/7/1982
Mascot Image

Next Event

  • FUNukkah Tri-chapter Maccabi Maccabiah Spectacular
    December, 12 2020 @ 7:30 PM EST

Ariel Ometz BBYO # 5389

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Berry AZA # 1946

Since 11/28/1975
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Brookline BBYO

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Dave Hochman AZA # 2469

Since 11/16/1995
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Judy Ann Leven BBG # 531

Since 6/14/1955
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Next Event

  • Giving Gratitude
    December, 13 2020 @ 3:00 PM EST

Mayim Chayim BBG # 605

Since 5/8/1957
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Merrimack Valley BBYO # 5382

Since 9/21/2019
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Mishpucha BBG # 2547

Since 1/1/2010
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Next Event

  • Mish Themed Chanukah
    December, 11 2020 @ 7:00 PM EST

North Shore BBYO # 5398

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Next Event

  • Emoji-kah Holiday Party
    December, 05 2020 @ 7:00 PM EST

Sababa AZA # 1900

Since 12/12/1974
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Tikvah Marla Zeiff BBG # 1689

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