Ohio Northern Region

Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Toledo and Youngstown

About Ohio Northern Region

BBYO Ohio Northern Region is comprised of chapters in Northern Ohio. We have 13 chapters repesenting over 600 Jewish teens in our area. By becoming a member of Ohio Northern Region, teens are afforded the opportunity to experience local programming in their communities, regional programming such as dances, community service days, sports events, and weekend-long conventions, and international programming at large scale conferences and BBYO Summer Experiences.

Our chapters hold events every week at locations around the region. Events are planned by teens, for teens and programming ranges from fun activities like ice skating, to more serious programming around social justice or leadership development. A parent, advisor, or regional staff­ member is always on hand to ensure safety and health.

Fun Fact: ONR's mascot is The Cat in the Hat

Through youth-led and staff-supported programs, BBYO Ohio Northern Region gives our members opportunities to develop leadership skills and positively affect their communities, the world, and themselves. We constantly strive to provide more Jewish teens with more meaningful Jewish experiences each and every day, so that they may become the future Jewish leaders in their communities and in the Jewish world at large.

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Board Members


  • S'ganit: Amelia P

  • N'siah: Eliana G

  • Mit Mom: Liv A

  • Sh'licha: Ellie M

  • Gizborit: Rachel G


  • Godol: Sam B

  • S'gan: Ben G

  • Shaliach: Ethan D

  • Gizbor: Ethan W

  • Mazkir: Adam H

  • Moreh: Morgan K


Lindsey Rosenberg
Senior Regional Director

Rebecca Kahn
Associate Regional Director

Mac Kahn

Joshua Schalk
Regional Director

Hunter Thomas
City Director

Madison Isenberg
City Director


Programs & Events

Ohio Northern Region Chapters

Achot BBG # 2542

Mascot Image

Beresheit BBG # 2412

Mascot Image

B'not Shalom BBG # 0407

Since 2/18/1952
Mascot Image

Brown Smullin Neufeld AZA # 0070

Mascot Image

Chaia BBG # 0220

Since 1/19/1947
Mascot Image


Since 7/7/2019
Mascot Image

David Ben Gurion AZA # 495

Mascot Image

David Berger AZA # 1823

Since 12/21/1972
Mascot Image

Dodi Li BBG # 0069

Since 8/16/1945
Mascot Image

Exodus AZA # 2425

Since 3/19/1991
Mascot Image

Genesis AZA # 2433

Since 6/20/1991
Mascot Image

Hillel BBG # 0614

Since 6/7/1957
Mascot Image

Ma'alah BBG # 1166

Since 4/20/1961
Mascot Image

Portage Trail AZA # 0114

Mascot Image

Samson AZA # 2076

Since 3/31/1978
Mascot Image

Sigmund Nisenson AZA # 0169

Mascot Image

Star of David BBG # 0673

Since 6/5/1958
Mascot Image

Vivian Brown BBG # 0512

Since 3/21/1955
Mascot Image