PWR's Battle of the Cabins 2023

Friday, November 10, 2023 FROM 3:00 PM - Sunday, November 12, 2023 12:00 PM

Camp Bob Waldorf, CA 91208

Pacific Western Region

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Event Details

PWR Battle of the Cabins is happening November 10th-12th. Twice a year, PWR Members gather for a weekend of fun, friendship and celebration with overnight programming at a local camp. This convention is all about friendly competition and chapter spirit with your PWR siblings and creating memories that last a lifetime! Our theme this year is Ʊ★ Wild Wild West Coast ★Ʊ so you will be battling it out on the BBYO fronteir with your cabin through various games and scenarios, competing to be the victor of Battle of the Cabins 2023! So many fun surprises and announcements to come. Follow us on Instagram at @pwrbbyo for all the updates! 

All of our programs are run and organized by fellow teen leaders! Visit our Instagram to meet our convention team. 

Conventions are an exclusive BBYO Member Experience, which means your teen must be a BBYO member in order to register. Membership is a one-time payment of $249, and lasts all through high school! BBYO members have access to incredible programming at the chapter, regional, and international level, and your teen will be joining a global brotherhood and sisterhood with over 100 years of history. This is the perfect first convention to attend as a part of our Wolfpack as you will get to meet all of your new PWR siblings while competing on fun teams!

Cost: $395.00
Flash Sale Discount: $40.00

Location: Glendale 91208


What are the important dates we need to know?  

  • Monday, September 11th: FLASH SALE for only $325! 
  • Tuesday, September 12th: Flash Sale Ends at 9am. Price increases to Early Bird $355.
  • Sunday, September 30th: Early Bird Ends at 11:59pm. Price increases to $395. 
  • Friday, October 27th: Scholarship applications due and registration closes at 9AM. No refunds will be given after this date. No late registrations will be accepted. (See full cancellation/refund policy below)
  • Friday, November 3rd: CampDoc medical/dietary information and Vaccination Acknowledgment due online
  • Friday, November 10th - Sunday, November 12th: PWR Battle of the Cabins!

What are the COVID-19 Protocols?

  • The following vaccines are recognized by BBYO - Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Novavax.  Everyone is encouraged, but not required, to be boosted for COVID 19. 
  • Generally, BBYO will not require masking at events.  BBYO reserves the right to adjust its masking policy should there be an outbreak in a specific community, or mandates introduced by local, state or federal authorities.  BBYO encourages its participants to respect the individual choices made by its participants as it relates to masking.
  • Participants, staff, volunteers in any overnight program are required to be vaccinated for COVID 19. The following vaccines are recognized by BBYO - Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Novavax.  Everyone is encouraged, but not required, to be boosted for COVID 19. 

  • Prior to an overnight program at the regional or international level, all participants (teens, staff, volunteers, speakers) are required to provide documentation (a photo is acceptable) of a negative rapid/antigen test taken on day of travel.  Home tests will be accepted for regional/staff programs.

  • Participants who contract COVID will be eligible to participate in BBYO chapter/non-overnight programs with a mask after 5 days of quarantine.  To take part in programs without a mask or to participate in overnight programs, participants must wait a minimum of 10 days post-positive test and provide a negative antigen test prior to attending the event. At-home tests are accepted. 

  • Exceptions to these requirements may be made on an individual basis upon review by BBYO’s medical committee and must be submitted at least 14 days before the program.  BBYO reserves the right to adjust these policies at any point.

  • BBYO reserves the right to test any participant

What is the transportation information?

  • Busses will only be provided for teens living in South Bay, Orange County or San Diego. 
  • All other teens must be dropped off and picked up from the event.

Is my teen allowed to drive themselves to the weekend?

  • No, teens are not allowed to drive themselves to any BBYO overnight.  If your child is not taking the bus (based on location), they can get a ride from a parent/guardian or ride share service with written permission from a parent that they approve their child to take this mode of transportation and BBYO is not liable for their child during the transportiation times and is only responsible for their child while at camp.

What is the scholarship process? .

  1. Between September 11th and October 27th: Register for convention.
    • IMPORTANT: You must be registered for the convention in order to receive a scholarship allocation. 
    • All convention fees must be paid in full at the time of registration unless the family has had a conversation with the CA Community Director, Liz Weisman, at [email protected]
    • Your scholarship will be deducted based on the cost of convention at the time you register.
  2. By Friday, October 27th at 9 AM: Complete the Scholarship application
    • Late applications will not be accepted for any reason.
    • Your most recent tax information must be uploaded if you’re requesting more than 25% of the convention cost.
    • Note that we do not typically award more than 50% of the convention cost.
  3. On Wednesday, November 4th: Each family will be contacted via email with scholarship allocation information and next steps.

Can I register after the registration deadline? 

No.  Registration closes at 9pm on Friday, October 27th. Once registration closes, we send our numbers to camps for food and rooming, and it is difficult to make changes.  

What is the cancellation/refund policy?  

The deadline to cancel with a full program refund is the final registration deadline for this program. Until that date, full refunds will be granted for cancellations in writing (e-mail is acceptable), for any reason. After the registration deadline, partial refunds may be available based on convention expenses already paid (hotel, transportation, etc.). Within ten days of convention, we’ve already confirmed final counts with our vendors, and no refunds will be given. “No shows” will not receive a refund.

Who is convention for? 

Spring Convention is for every Jewish teen involved with BBYO and any teen interested in becoming more involved in BBYO. Chapter leaders, chapter members, new members, 8th graders, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all invited. No leadership role or prior program participation is required to participate. Teens must be registered members of BBYO to attend convention.

Why should I attend convention? 

BBYO conventions are one of the things that teens look most forward to during the school year. Conventions are planned and led by teens, and they are an opportunity for our region to come together as a community. Conventions provide teens with meaningful Jewish experiences and friendships that they will remember for years to come.

Where will I be? Will I be leaving the camp?

Teens will be staying at Camp Bob Waldorf near Glendale, California for the entirety of the weekend. Teens should not leave the camp under any circumstances unless parents have been in communication with the Regional staff. To tell us you will be leaving camp during the event window, see below.

What if I need to arrive late or leave early?

Please fill out this form by October 27th at 9am if you are arriving late or leaving early! 

Need Extra Care? 

Conventions and overnights have their challenges for teens, especially our younger members. If your teen needs extra care during the Convention, either socially, physically or otherwise (anxiety, shyness, etc.), please reach out to PWR Regional Staff at [email protected]. For the safety and well-being of all our members, only our professional staff is able to arrange and/or provide extra care.     

What are the meals like? What if I have a dietary restriction? 

All BBYO meals are Kosher Style with vegetarian and vegan options. We ask for allergy information and food needs on the online medical form, and we appreciate you sharing information as soon as possible so that we can accommodate specific food needs and limitations. All BBYO conventions are peanut and tree nut-free.

What is BBYO's supervision policy? 

BBYO has a minimum supervision ratio of 15 teens to every adult. All of BBYO’s professional staff have had background checks, covid vaccinations and are trained to work with your teens and keep them safe. The staff and advisors help to supervise teens before, during, and after programming. Teen safety is our #1 priority.

What is BBYO’s discipline policy? 

As a reminder, when you registered for membership you signed BBYO’s Code of Conduct, which outlines our policies for substance abuse, property damage, and behavior guidelines with the full understanding of our behavioral expectations as a member of BBYO. Rules and guidelines will be made clear to all participants upon their arrival at convention opening. Should one of our teens choose to act outside of our Code of Conduct, the incident will be addressed by the appropriate staff members. We have a zero-tolerance approach to any violation of the Code of Conduct and any discipline matter that comes to the attention of staff. If you are (or your teen is) dismissed from BOTC for disciplinary reasons or Code of Conduct violations, BBYO staff will arrange for travel home immediately, at your family’s expense and without a refund.