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Code of Conduct

The BBYO Code of Conduct is designed with the health, safety and well-being of teens, staff, advisors and guests in mind.  All BBYO participants are expected to adhere to these guidelines and to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects Jewish & BBYO values. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from a program and/or expulsion from BBYO and may also include requiring that the teen or parent/guardian repay scholarship or any financial assistance received from or through BBYO.

General Expectations

  • Teens, staff, and advisors will create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment and treat everyone with respect at all BBYO gatherings.
  • Follow all program rules and attend all scheduled activities on time unless otherwise approved by staff.
  • When issued a BBYO nametag it must be worn and displayed for the duration of the program.
  • Proper/respectful attire must be worn at all times. Shoes must be worn in public spaces.
  • Teens may not leave the program venue without prior approval by staff unless part of the BBYO sanctioned agenda.
  • Visitors may not attend BBYO programs unless they are registered as guests by staff in advance.
  • For overnight programs, teens are assigned sleeping rooms at the start of the program and are expected to sleep in those rooms only.
  • Alephs are not permitted to be in the sleeping area of BBGs and BBGs are not permitted to be in the sleeping area of Alephs.
  • Sexual activity/intimate contact is not permitted at BBYO programs between any participants.
  • Teens must report property issues or damages in any location to BBYO staff immediately. Any unreported damages could be charged to participants.
  • Participants are responsible for securing and administering their own medications unless the rules of the program explicitly state differently.  Sharing of medications (prescription and over-the-counter) with others is strictly prohibited.
  • Social media must be used responsibly at all times - including during overnight/immersive experiences.  Posts with dirty spirit, that slander other teens, staff, volunteers, speakers/guests or from anonymous accounts that use BBYO images, logos or the BBYO name will not be tolerated.
  • All participants are familiar with the BBYO Community Agreements that outline how our community sees and responds to healthy relationships and power dynamics.
  • For safety and security reasons, participants should avoid sharing the location of BBYO events on social media.

Disciplinary Consequences 

BBYO strives to help teens learn from their experience and grow as responsible, independent young adults.  In situations where teens do not follow program rules or uphold the values of BBYO, consequences will result.  Disciplinary action is guided by an organization-wide standard to ensure consistency and fairness however consequences may vary based on circumstances. Teens who hold an elected/appointed leadership positions (chapter, region, conventions, internationally) may be subject to loss of their position as part of disciplinary action.

The following is a guideline.  Final action is at the discretion of BBYO's professional staff.   

If a teen is dismissed from a program due to failure to comply with the code of conduct, transportation home will be at the participant’s own expense.  No refunds will be issued.  Additionally, if a teen is dismissed from the program, and received financial scholarship, the family will be responsible for paying it back to BBYO. If there is involvement of law enforcement agencies, BBYO will contact the parents/guardian and not intervene in any other way. 

Engaging in any of the following behaviors during a BBYO meeting, program, or related social media will result in immediate EXPULSION from BBYO:   

  • Conduct that endangers the safety, health or welfare of the teen and/or others;
  • Conduct or threats of conduct that are violent;
  • Possession of fireworks, firearms or other items considered to be weapons and/or anything potentially harmful to others.

Engaging in any of the following behaviors during a BBYO meeting, program, or related social media will typically result in disciplinary consequences that may include IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM THE CURRENT PROGRAM AND/OR SUSPENSION from participation in future BBYO activities:

  • Theft or causing intentional damage to hotel/camp or other’s property;
  • Bullying, hazing and other actions taken with the intent of harming others;
  • Consumption or possession of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, “vaping” products or materials, or any substance that can be used to create an unnatural high;
  • Alephs found in BBG sleeping area(s) and BBGs found in Alephs sleeping area(s);
  • Sexual activity/Intimate contact in any sleeping area, or any public or private area;
  • Unwanted or unwelcome sexual activity/intimate contact, whether physical or verbal;
  • Sharing of prescription/over-the-counter medication;
  • Leaving a BBYO program venue without permission of staff;
  • Inviting/welcoming visitors to an official BBYO activity without permission of staff;
  • Tattooing or piercing oneself or others or receiving tattoos or piercings, or other forms of self-modification.

Engaging in any of the following behaviors during a BBYO meeting, program, or related social media will typically result in CONSEQUENCES COMMENSURATE WITH THE SITUATION:

  • Gambling;
  • Inappropriate use of social media - including (but not limited to) dirty spirit, media that slanders other teens, staff, volunteers, speakers/guests or media from anonymous accounts that use BBYO images, logos or the BBYO name;
  • Sending or sharing of sexually explicit material or intentional sending of material that is sexually explicit or shaming;
  • Use of vulgar language and/or inappropriate gestures;
  • Inability to follow BBYO program rules including tardiness/absence from scheduled activities without prior approval from staff, not treating others with respect, not wearing proper attire, not displaying an official BBYO nametag, etc.;
  • Inappropriate physical or verbal contact;
  • Carrying or displaying toy weapons;
  • Not sleeping in your assigned room.

Teens who do not uphold BBYO values in their community may also be subject to consequences related to BBYO program participation as appropriate based on the situation. Teens who do not uphold the values of BBYO as elected leaders or use their elected position as leverage over others may lose their elected position.

Effective July 2021