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May 31 2016

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And then there was CAMP

Maddie Siegel grew up in a suburb of Atlanta where there is a “decent” Jewish population. She grew up Jewish, attending Sunday school, having a bat mitzvah and participating in BBYO.

May 19 2016

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BBYO mourns the loss of our friend Rob Ruby

It is with profound sadness that I inform you of the passing of BBYO’s dear friend, Rob Ruby. After many months dealing with complications following heart surgery, Rob’s weakened heart succumbed yesterday following a final procedure.

May 11 2016

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West Boca valedictorian cherishes memories of Jewish youth group

My parents are my heroes. They grew up in Brooklyn with nothing and worked their way through college. They graduated from NYU and the Culinary Institute of America, both very prestigious schools. They moved to Florida and now each run their own businesses.

May 11 2016

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Spina bifida just token barrier for Hausman-Weiss

The Emery-Weiner senior has tackled swim lessons, wheelchair races, track and field and, for the past 11 years, wheelchair basketball – all while battling through a debilitating spinal condition.

May 10 2016

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Congratulations Ruthie Perlman Diller Teen Award Recipient Diller Teen Award Recipient Congratulations Ruthie Perlman

“As enormous changes unfold around us and throughout the world, BBYO’s leadership, both teen and adult, realize that the future of the Jewish community is brighter when we all come together,” said Matthew Grossman, BBYO Chief Executive Officer. “With 2,400 teens joining...

May 06 2016

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Colorado Springs teens love their BBYO chapter

“WE CREATED ‘Bottles of Smiles’ for kids in the hospital by decorating jars and filling them with colorful stickers, crayons and coloring booklets. Then we put positive notes in the jars to cheer up their day,” said Jenny Rubin, 15.

May 05 2016

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‘What Is Shabbos?’ A Houston teen answers

Seth Goodman, then 16, was sitting around with a group of friends from the Randy Reisbord chapter of the Jewish youth group AZA. The conversation turned to the topic of Shabbat and Goodman’s reminiscences of Friday nights spent with family and with the local Chabad house at his former Fort...

Apr 29 2016

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Holocaust Survivor Shabbat

Jews around the world will commemorate Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, on May 5th. At a time when the number of Holocaust survivors is dwindling, we listen to one survivor, Lola Byron, who shares her story with teenaged Jewish girls at a Sabbath dinner aimed at encouraging future...

Apr 27 2016

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They came to ‘repair the world’

They were not alone; more than 11,000 Jewish teens took part in J-Serve, the International Day of Jewish Youth Service, in communities around the globe.