Advisor Connect

January 2020

BIG NEWS: New Advisor Resource Hub + Facebook Group

BBYO advisors work in every corner of the globe. Yet, we often feel confined to these separate corners. What could we accomplish if we learned from advisors outside our communities? What if every advisor had a solid foundation of knowledge? A place to easily access tools, resources, and trainings? What would it look like if we were a truly global network?

We’re thrilled to launch our brand-new Advisor Resource Hub and Advisor Connect Facebook Group – our first large step toward bringing this dream of a large, strong, connected advisor network to life.

The Advisor Hub is an online resource center exclusively for advisors, where you can go for:

  • Tools, training, and resources that cover all aspects of supporting teens and chapters – from teen mental health to using myBBYO to helping teens build WOW programs to coaching them through goal setting to a crash course on parliamentary procedure and much more. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, there’s a broad menu of tools to choose from. We will continually update the website with new tools and trainings, including on-demand video webinars.

  • Professional and Personal Development Opportunities – We’ll be sharing new opportunities to grow as a person, both inside and outside of BBYO.

  • Celebrating #AdvisorWins, recruiting new advisors, and sharing suggestions.

You’ll still be able to find the complete library of resources on the AZA & BBG Website, but we’ve curated a set of the most relevant ones for advisors on the Advisor Hub.

Please note: you’ll need a working myBBYO login to access the Advisor Hub. If you can’t access myBBYO, please reach out to [email protected]. If you have never logged in or set up your myBBYO account or if you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgot Your Password” button to set a new password and login.

The Advisor Connect Facebook Group is your hub for connecting with advisors from around the globe, asking questions, sharing advice, and collaboratively problem solving. Having a challenge in your chapter? Post about it here – we know that creative ideas and solutions come when we step outside our usual orbit and seek new perspectives. We’re so excited to see new relationships blossom, new ideas develop, and favorite resources shared!


From an Advisor

Hello! I am Seth Cutler and for the last 20 years I have been proud to serve as an advisor in The Ohio Northern Region. Over my time I have seen many changes, including around how communication occurs, but also how the changes in communication bring us so many new opportunities. With the emphasis on programs at the international level, being able to make advisor connections the same way the teens do is very valuable, and I feel lucky to have been able to do that. With the new Advisor Hub, I hope all advisors will be able to the same, regardless of location, so that we can connect and learn from each other.

As a senior (aka older) advisor, in addition to spending time with our amazing BBYO teens, I find lots of value in helping mentor newer advisors. That mentoring is (like time with our teens) both about BBYO and about life - helping explore opportunities to grow and figure out what we want to be when we grow up. Being an advisor has helped me grow and develop, not only as an advisor but also as a professional. And same as the teens, the management and leadership skills I use as an advisor help me grow. I encourage you to do the same, think about bringing real world experiences into your BBYO chapter, AND use the BBYO community to help you grow in the real world.

Use your time as an advisor to plant seeds for the future.  Not only for your chapter and our teens, but for yourself. 

For tomorrow and today –
Seth Cutler
ONR Advisor



With 600 advisors for 700+ chapters in 52 countries, advisors are doing incredible things all across the globe. Here are a few #AdvisorWins we’re celebrating:

Advisor of the Year Nominees
A huge Kol HaKavod to all those advisors who were nominated for the 2020 David Bittker Unsung Hero Award – also known as BBYO’s “Advisor of the Year” Award. The Award is presented annually to 3-4 advisors who demonstrate outstanding integrity, humility, and dedication; go above and beyond in ensuring teens have an incredible BBYO experience; and serve as mentors, coaches, and role models in building the next generation of leaders.

We received a record number of nominations this year – from teens, staff, and fellow advisors – and the recipients will be announced at International Convention in February. Please join us in congratulating this year’s nominees:


Shelly Bell, North Florida Region
Craig Berman, Nassau Suffolk Region
Jordan Borenstein, South Jersey Region
Aaron Drory, Eastern Region: Virginia Council
Kevin Eljarrat, Spain
Lara Gilkarov, Austria
Lauren Hackney, Delta Region
Ceki Hazan, Turkey
Evan Huckfeldt, Northern Region East: Baltimore
John Imhof, South Jersey Region
Rachel Kislin, Liberty Region
Liz Levine, Rocky Mountain Region
Randy Levinson, Central Region West
Katerina Mihaylova, Austria
Steven Miller, Mountain Region
Dina Mouyal Amselem, Spain
Brian Neff, Liberty Region
Sara Pisarz, z”l, Liberty Region
Jennifer Pollack, Great Midwest Region
Evan Roth, Lake Ontario Region
Adam Shane, Mountain Region
Erica Slater, Manhattan Region


Advisor Shoutouts
Also sharing some recognition directly from our teens – because every month is Advisor Appreciation Month.

  • David Bernstein, New England Region: “He gave me a lot of college advice in the spring of my junior year when I was really stressed out and also calmed me down before elections.”

  • Bari Nadworny, Big Apple Region: “She travels a very long distance to come to our chapter meetings, rarely misses a big regional event, and was one of our panelists at our recent BBG @ 75 event.”

  • Brooke Kaplan and Whitney Silverman, Northern Region East: DC Council: “My advisors came out and supported a girl in my chapter who was doing a walk for lung cancer awareness.” 

  • Maddy Shakun, Connecticut Valley Region: “My advisor threw a surprise birthday celebration with a cake and everything for a girl in my chapter at convention because she was really sad about not being home for her birthday.”

Is an advisor in your community doing something awesome you’d like to highlight? Send #AdvisorWins to [email protected]


Professional & Personal Development Opportunities

Want to gain knowledge around Jewish topics, enhance your confidence in implementing Judaic content with teen leaders, and get support in making Judaism feel relevant and authentic in your chapters? We’re offering the exclusive opportunity for advisors to sign up for group and individual coaching with Jewish Educators.

Group coaching call topics and times are listed below. Individual coaching will be available between mid-January and the end of March. You can sign up by yourself or in small groups of other advisors.  Sign up for a 60-minute Zoom coaching call and browse topics here.

  • Unpacking Your Jewish Baggage | Sunday, January 26 at 5:00PM EST     

  • Jewish Denominations: Origins and Relevance | Tuesday, January 28 at 7:30PM EST       

  • Relevant and Exciting Jewish Programming | Thursday, January 30 at 7:30PM EST

  • Keva and Kavana: How to Create Meaningful Ritual, Prayer, and Tradition | Tuesday, February 4 at 7:30PM EST


Anita M. Perlman Fellowship

The Anita M. Perlman Fellowship is an 11-month leadership experience for BBG alumnae between ages 22 to 26. In this one-of-a-kind experience, participants engage in three in-person seminars, online workshops, and mentorship conversations to elevate their leadership skills as they begin their careers and ignite their passions.

In this one-of-a-kind experience, participants will have the opportunity to be mentored by leading women in their fields, participate in monthly workshops led by highly accomplished professionals, and join in-person retreats on women’s empowerment and leadership. They will engage with chief officers of major companies, be mentored by key influencers in the Jewish community, and understand how to best advocate for themselves in the workplace.

Apply today or share with a BBG alumna who is looking to grow their leadership in unprecedented ways! Applications close February 21.


More Meaningful Jewish Experiences

More Meaningful Jewish Experiences features a thought from a member of our Jewish Enrichment team. Today’s message comes from Alana Ebin, Director of Jewish Enrichment.

One of the most interesting concepts in Judaism is the notion of am yisrael - that we are a people, a nation, and not just a religion. This idea of peoplehood - of kinship and community with Jews around the world - is in fact rooted within the very fabric of our national history. As Rabbi Jill Jacobs points out, it is no accident that the central experience of Jewish history, and the only story that demands retelling - the Exodus of Egypt - is primarily an experience of national liberation, and not one of religious awakening. Our peoplehood, she says, has long been one of our defining characteristics.

Yet as Jews spread around the world, planting seeds and rooting themselves into bonded communities, our core focus often turned inward, on our local communities. To our credit, the communities we have created and cultivated have truly flourished - BBYO is a testament to this very act. They are strong, vibrant, and growing - just like their teen leadership! Yet as we take stock of our successes thus far, there is also an opportunity to once again turn outward and re-connect to our peoplehood on a global level.

‘All of Israel is responsible for each other,’ the Talmud tells us. This concept, known as areyvut, or responsibility, does not contain a geographic qualifier. In fact, areyvut knows no bounds; it is as relevant in our local communities (who often look like us) as it is to our global communities (who may not). As we roll out our new Advisor Hub and Facebook group, representations of our increasingly connected international advisor network, we are blessed with the opportunity to practice true peoplehood. It is our hope that we utilize this opportunity to be globally responsible citizens, to share with and learn from each other, and to build ourselves up as a true am yisrael!