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As BBYO advisors, you are on the front lines with teens, bringing BBYO’s mission of more Jewish teens, more meaningful Jewish experiences to life at the grassroots level. You empower teens to be the best versions of themselves. You dare them to take on challenges beyond their wildest dreams. You equip them with the tools they need to succeed. You cheer them on when they soar and help pick them up when they fall.

It’s a significant responsibility, but you are not in it alone. You have a network of 600+ advisors and 200+ professional staff around the world and tapping into this network is easier than ever before.

Welcome to BBYO’s Advisor Hub, your one-stop shop for resources, development opportunities, and advisor networking to help your teens, your chapter, and – let’s not forget – YOU grow and succeed.

BBYO advisors often wear many hats. One moment, you might be helping teens refine a program. The next you might be navigating a bullying situation. We like to think of advising as a pyramid divided into four sections: Safety, Health, and Policy at the base, Chapter Operations on the next level, Chapter Excellence on the third level, and Coaching, Mentorship, and Teen Growth at the top. Below you’ll find a selection of our most important resources for each part of the advisor pyramid. We’re also excited to offer professional development and training opportunities that will help you succeed, no matter which hat you’re wearing.




Safety, Health, and Policy

We have received questions from advisors about how to proceed with regular programming given precautions around COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The health, safety, and well-being of our teens, professionals, volunteers and families is our #1 priority. We’re asking all advisors to take direction from their regional staff, who will be giving instructions based on guidelines from local and state governments and BBYO (with BBYO in turn following guidelines presented by the CDC, WHO, and all levels of government.) We have set up a response page with information and updates about events and preventative best practices, which will be continually updated here: 

Ensuring the health and safety of the teens in our care is our number one priority. Here, you can access BBYO health and safety policies, mandated reporting training, and mental health resources. Please note that a myBBYO login is required to view this page. READ MORE


Advisors are doing incredible things all across the globe and we’re here to celebrate them! Shoutout your fellow advisors here.

Karen Kenis, advisor of L'chaim BBG #1802, Big Apple Region (BAR)

"Karen has been an advisor for over 30 years!!!" — BBYO staff, BAR








It takes a fair amount of logistical and administrative work to keep the day-to-day operations of a chapter moving. We have to be on top of MyBBYO approvals and bank accounts and understand the basics of BBYO. Here is a selection of resources to help you keep organized.


Rachel Auerbach, advisor of Beth Shean BBG #1153, Pacific Western Region (PWR)

"Being a big sister to us and always being there for us!" — BBYO member, PWR








Chapters come in all shapes and sizes and are the building blocks of our movement. To ensure that a teen walking into a chapter is having a high-quality experience, there are certain standards that every chapter should meet. The AZA & BBG Website has a range of resources that train teens, staff, and advisors on these chapter skills. We’re excited to present a curated selection here that will be most relevant to your work as advisors. 


The Chapter Excellence Planning Toolkit helps teens take stock of what their chapter is doing well and where they have room to grow. From there, the toolkit walks teens through the process of setting chapter goals.

GOVERNANCE: BBYO works because it’s teen-led, staff empowered. These tools will help you help your teens bring BBYO’s experiential democracy to life.


Stephanie Aaronson, advisor of Halom BBG #1240, Evergreen Region (EGR)

"Stephanie came in the middle of the term to a chapter full of people that were new to BBYO. She started helping our chapter immediately and has done so much for us. She helped teach us how to run our chapter and hire to successfully communicate with each other. She had been all around the best and has helped our chapter soo much!" — BBYO member, EGR








Since BBYO is a teen-led organization, we’re often asked what role adults should play. The answer is simple: teens are in the driver's seat, and adults (advisors and staff) are in the passenger seat. Our job is to support the teens throughout their journey – challenging them, pushing them, sharing advice, and connecting them with resources – so teens can do the best work possible. 

This section will be updated with new resources and on-demand video training in the coming months. Stay tuned!


Julia Finn, advisor of Yachad BBG #159, Northern Region East: DC Council (NRE:DC)

"Julia is amazing!!! She is not only the best advisor because she always supports us and is there whenever we need her, but she is our friend! During every convention, Yachad members and Julia have a talking circle where we just share everything with each other! Honestly, it's one of my favorite parts of conventions:) I (and other members of our chapter) always have more fun when we're with Julia because she makes us feel at home wherever and always makes sure we are okay. Even though she has been our advisor for just a year, Julia has made the biggest and best impact on me and our chapter and we all treasure our bond with her." — BBYO member, NRE: DC








We’re very excited about the newly launched BBYO On Demand, an innovative digital space filled with activities and events Jewish teens can tune into from anywhere, anytime. This "Jewish Netflix" for live-streamed programming is rapidly expanding, and isn’t just meant for teens. It’s our hope that you’ll use On Demand to

  • Be a Content Creator: Create awesome digital experiences for your teens and for each other. Submit your episode here.

  • Be a Content Facilitator: Support your chapters as they transition their regular programming to On Demand. See the On Demand User Guide for Advisors

  • Be a Content Consumer: Connect, learn, and have fun with the global advisor network. Check out the full listing of programs here, and we’re also excited to present a selection of programs specifically curated for advisors:


Lauren Koenig, advisor of Aviva BBG #2509, Great Midwest Region (GMR)

"Lauren is always there for me and my chapter. She can tell if something is wrong. She always makes sure we are having a good time at events and if not, makes sure it can be altered so we can all have the max amount of fun. Lauren makes an effort to talk to everyone and meets them. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met!" — BBYO member, GMR








We’re excited to share opportunities to support your ongoing growth as an advisor. Our most recent opportunities are listed below.

Seeking Awesome Advisors for the New Advisor Leadership Team!
We’re looking for the most creative, passionate, and motivated advisors for the brand-new Advisor Leadership Team. You’ll join staff and teen leaders to launch projects throughout the year that boost advisor training, community building, and appreciation around the Movement (think: planning a virtual advisor training conference, hosting fun virtual advisor meetups, creating a mentorship program for rookie and veteran advisors). Advisors can apply at by Sunday, September 27.

Jewish Genetic Screening
Your DNA is as important in knowing your past as it is in preparing for your future! With Jewish genetic screening, we can help prevent  genetic diseases in our future families. All it takes is a simple at-home saliva test. Learn more at

Partially Subsidized Certificate in Jewish Ethics and Social Justice from the Jewish Theological Seminary
The Certificate in Jewish Ethics and Social Justice will enable people from a range of backgrounds to address issues of ethics and justice by learning wisdom of ancient and contemporary Jewish texts and communities. Students in any graduate program at JTS can pursue this certificate.

It will be comprised of four courses and a seminar designed exclusively for participants in the program. Over the course of one to two years, with evening and online options available, students will complete four academic classes and a processing seminar that meets once per month. Each class is $700, and BBYO will subsidize $500 of your tuition. Visit the JTS website for more information.

If you’re interested, please contact Melissa Present at [email protected] and apply for BBYO-subsidized funds here.

Welcome to the BBYO On Demand FAN Club
As you know, our BBYO community is working hard to continue providing support and social connection for teens across the world at a challenging time. With more than 50,000 unique users to date, BBYO On Demand has become an important “gathering place” for teens to hear from renowned speakers, take on leadership roles, learn and reflect together, and simply be with friends. The BBYO on Demand FAN Club is an easy way for parents, alumni, and community members to contribute to BBYO and ensure we’re able to continue providing meaningful Jewish experiences to teens, both now and on the other side of this crisis. FAN Club members gain access to special perks, such as product discounts, raffle giveaways, and special bonus content. As a thank you for all that you do, we are granting free access to the full suite of FAN Club perks to the entire advisor community here (email [email protected] for the password).

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