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As BBYO advisors, you are on the front lines with teens, bringing BBYO’s mission of more Jewish teens, more meaningful Jewish experiences to life at the grassroots level. You empower teens to be the best versions of themselves. You dare them to take on challenges beyond their wildest dreams. You equip them with the tools they need to succeed. You cheer them on when they soar and help pick them up when they fall.

It’s a significant responsibility, but you are not in it alone. You have a network of 600+ advisors and 200+ professional staff around the world and tapping into this network is easier than ever before.

Welcome to the best month of the year -- ADVISOR APPRECIATION MONTH -- where teens, families, community members, and staff around the Movement celebrate our 700+ strong advisor network!

Welcome to BBYO’s Advisor Hub, your one-stop shop for resources, development opportunities, and advisor networking to help your teens, your chapter, and – let’s not forget – YOU grow and succeed.

BBYO advisors often wear many hats. One moment, you might be helping teens refine a program. The next you might be navigating a bullying situation. We like to think of advising as a pyramid divided into four sections: Safety, Health, and Policy at the base, Chapter Operations on the next level, Chapter Excellence on the third level, and Coaching, Mentorship, and Teen Growth at the top. Below you’ll find a selection of our most important resources for each part of the advisor pyramid. We’re also excited to offer professional development and training opportunities that will help you succeed, no matter which hat you’re wearing.




Safety, Health, and Policy

Ensuring the health and safety of the teens in our care is our number one priority. Here, you can access BBYO health and safety policies, mandated reporting training, and mental health resources. Please note that a myBBYO login is required to view this page. Please contact Customer Service if you are unable to access. READ MORE


Advisors are doing incredible things all across the globe and we’re here to celebrate them! Shoutout your fellow advisors here.

Josh Hoppenstien, advisor of David Berger AZA #2059, North Texas Oklahoma Region (NTO)

"They...actively made my BBYO experience more fun. Super chill and is someone I can go to when I need to talk. He deserves soo much appreciation." — BBYO teen, NTO












It takes a fair amount of logistical and administrative work to keep the day-to-day operations of a chapter moving. We have to be on top of MyBBYO approvals and bank accounts and understand the basics of BBYO. Here is a selection of resources to help you keep organized.


Sam Perlen, Israel H Peres AZA #71, Delta Region (Delta)

"My advisor and I had calls that were just about my future with BBYO and what we both thought would be a good plan for me to reach the goals I want. I want to celebrate him taking the extra step with me and the guys about not only caring about the chapter but helping us individually." - BBYO teen, Delta











Chapters come in all shapes and sizes and are the building blocks of our movement. To ensure that a teen walking into a chapter is having a high-quality experience, there are certain standards that every chapter should meet. The BBYO Toolbox has a range of resources that train teens, staff, and advisors on these chapter skills. We’re excited to present a curated selection here that will be most relevant to your work as advisors. 


Sharon Kahn, advisor of Kallah BBG #2466, Big Apple Region (BAR)

"Sharon just joined our chapter this year, but already she has shown just how passionate and amazing she is! She's helped us organize multiple board meetings, events, programs, and is always there to help or even just to talk to. Her bright, bubbly energy is enough to light up a room, and we couldn't be more thankful to have her as our advisor. Love you, Sharon!" — BBYO teen, BAR











Since BBYO is a teen-led organization, we’re often asked what role adults should play. The answer is simple: teens are in the driver's seat, and adults (advisors and staff) are in the passenger seat. Our job is to support the teens throughout their journey – challenging them, pushing them, sharing advice, and connecting them with resources – so teens can do the best work possible. 


Lara Masliah-Gilkarov, advisor of Vienna BBYO, Austria Region

"You can always count on her and even when I didn't know her that well yet, I knew I could trust her. She is always the sunshine in the room." — BBYO teen, Austria












We’re very excited about the newly launched BBYO On Demand, an innovative digital space filled with activities and events Jewish teens can tune into from anywhere, anytime. This "Jewish Netflix" for live-streamed programming is rapidly expanding, and isn’t just meant for teens. It’s our hope that you’ll use On Demand to

  • Be a Content Creator: Create awesome digital experiences for your teens and for each other. Submit your episode here.

  • Be a Content Facilitator: Support your chapters as they transition their regular programming to On Demand. See the On Demand User Guide for Advisors

  • Be a Content Consumer: Connect, learn, and have fun with the global advisor network. Check out the full listing of programs here, and we’re also excited to present a selection of programs specifically curated for advisors:


We’re elevating and reimaging what great advisor training looks like. Not able to make a training? Catch the recordings here.


Allyson Silver, advisor of Beshert BBG #2455, Northern Region East: DC Council (NRE:DC)

"Allyson is always there to talk or help with all of our chapters needs!!" — BBYO teen, NRE: DC












We’re excited to share opportunities to support your ongoing growth and enrichment as an advisor, plus a few fun perks. Our most recent opportunities are listed below.


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