Jan 19 2021

eJewish Philanthropy

Where Do Teens Turn for Support and What Does it Mean for Those Who Want to Help Them?

Relationships during the teen years can be characterized in different ways. Driven by fluid definitions of friendship, a search for identity, and the desire for acceptance, teens engage in relationships that fall across the scale of appropriate and healthy. 

Nov 27 2020

The Jewish News

Teen Programming During the Pandemic

Jewish teen programming organizations across Michigan shifted to virtual when the pandemic hit. While some organizations are sticking with Zoom, others are slowly returning to in-person events with precautions.

Nov 18 2020

Jewish Community Voice

Conclave 2020 creates bonds that will last for years

South Jersey Region (SJR) BBYO held its first virtual convention of the programming year, Conclave! Although physically separated, local teens bonded together on Zoom.

Oct 08 2020

Jewish life Oregon


BBYO, in partnership with Our Common Destiny and the Marcus Foundation, is launching a new international $50,000 teen competition called the Common Ground Challenge.

Oct 08 2020

Jewish Community Voice

South Jersey Region kicking off the new year like never before

South Jersey Region BBYO teens are kicking off this year like never before. At both the chapter level and the regional level, members are working to successfully start a new year, even if not entirely in person.

Aug 28 2020

Atlanta Jewish Times

Letter to the Editor: Perry Schwartz

The date is March 13, 2020. Everyone around the country is preparing for distance learning, thinking that it will last a few weeks. Little did I think that it would be the last time I would see my teachers and my friends for my junior year.

Aug 03 2020

Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle

Studying community: Youth groups are rich source for Jewish engagement

Youth groups historically have provided meaningful opportunities and safe spaces for teens to congregate. Even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, that's still the case.

Jul 21 2020


I want to thank the donors who changed my life, and Colorado law

House Bill 1336 directs the Colorado Board of Education to adopt learning standards for Holocaust education by July 1, 2021, and for school districts to implement their genocide curriculum by the 2023-2024 school year.

Jul 21 2020

eJewish Philanthropy

The Innovation Imperative

2019 ended like most others, with New Year’s Eve parties, self-care resolutions, and a host of celebrations and milestones to look forward to.