Aug 28 2020

Atlanta Jewish Times

Letter to the Editor: Perry Schwartz

The date is March 13, 2020. Everyone around the country is preparing for distance learning, thinking that it will last a few weeks. Little did I think that it would be the last time I would see my teachers and my friends for my junior year.

Aug 03 2020

Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle

Studying community: Youth groups are rich source for Jewish engagement

Youth groups historically have provided meaningful opportunities and safe spaces for teens to congregate. Even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, that's still the case.

Jul 21 2020


I want to thank the donors who changed my life, and Colorado law

House Bill 1336 directs the Colorado Board of Education to adopt learning standards for Holocaust education by July 1, 2021, and for school districts to implement their genocide curriculum by the 2023-2024 school year.

Jul 21 2020

eJewish Philanthropy

The Innovation Imperative

2019 ended like most others, with New Year’s Eve parties, self-care resolutions, and a host of celebrations and milestones to look forward to.

Jul 01 2020

Jewish Community Voice

Summer BBYO programs switch to a virtual setting

Each summer, teens from around the world look forward to engaging in summer programs with BBYO. However, due to the pandemic and the cancellation of summer trips, BBYO has shifted its programing to a virtual setting.

Jun 24 2020

eJewish Philanthropy

When is the Right Time to Return to In-Person Programming

As an organization grounded in delivering in-person experiences for Jewish teens, things shifted quickly for us this March when we pivoted to provide the power and impact of BBYO to Jewish teens in innovative ways via our new virtual platform, BBYO On Demand.

Jun 22 2020

The Jewish Outlook

BBYO Holds Virtual Convention

BBYO Lonestar Region gathered for their first Spring Virtual Convention, May 1-3. More than 170 teens from Austin, College Station, Houston and San Antonio participated in the weekend-long event.

Jun 04 2020

Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle

Playing the long game: Lost Tribe connects Jewish youth through esports

When Lost Tribe Esports was launched in 2016, some people questioned the organization’s founder, Lenny Silberman, on the likelihood of teens congregating online, for prolonged periods, with limited in-person activity.

Jun 03 2020

ejewish philanthropy

Include Us in the Conversation: COVID-19 and Teen Mental Health

Over the last few weeks, there have been tons of articles written about the effects of COVID-19 on the long-term mental health of teens. Will we experience more anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress? What will the future of our mental health look like? How can professionals and other...