Apr 09 2019

Jewish News Syndicate

BBYO hosts annual service day in 150 communities in more than 25 countries

Programs included advocacy tips, philanthropic events, first-responder training, charity runs, dance fundraisers and lobbyist workshops.

Apr 09 2019

Jewish News Syndicate

From road tours to webinars, Diaspora emissaries help Israeli election transcend politics

The goal was to offer information, allowing participants to ask questions about the Israeli government and the conflicts inside Israeli society.

Mar 28 2019

Washington Jewish Week

AIPAC first-timers reflect, look forward

For many first-timers, this conference was extremely important, one of their first true opportunities to learn about Israel from the experts themselves.

Mar 27 2019

Jewish Community Voice

South Jersey Region celebrates a great year of fun and activities

South Jersey Region saw the 58th Regional Board get elected at their Spring Convention last May.

Mar 26 2019

Image title

Finding Meaningful Ways for Teens to Connect Jewishly – and Measuring the Impact

Last week, the findings of GenZ Now, the largest study of Jewish teens of its kind with over 17,500 participants, were released.

Mar 07 2019

The Chicago Jewish News


Theodore F. Perlman remembers his mother as the first feminist in the Jewish organizational world. She was the national founder in 1944 of B’nai B’rith Girls, a division of BBYO, now called BBG since its split from B’nai B’rith International.

Mar 06 2019

Jewish News

Arizona teens attend BBYO International Convention

More than 60 teens from Arizona attended BBYO’s 95th International Convention in Denver, which hosted more than 3,000 teens from across the U.S. and dozens of countries

Mar 06 2019

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Jewish and Muslim teens volunteer together

A day of local Muslim and Jewish girls volunteering together became a time of sharing and getting to know one another.

Mar 04 2019

Religion News Service

Jewish youth organization nabs $25 million gift to help empower young women

A global Jewish youth organization has received one of the largest single gifts in recent Jewish organizational history — $25 million to help support women in their young adult lives.