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Jan 27 2017

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You should know… Joey Eisman

Joey Eisman, 28, works at BBYO, where he manages the organization’s global network. He participated in the 2016 ConnectGens Fellowship from The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington for his project Evan Initiatives, which connects individuals to Jewish history.

Jan 26 2017

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The Day(s) After: Civil Discourse and Why Genuine Leadership Matters Above All Else

As we wade into uncharted waters as a country, I want to try and step back just a bit to explore what I believe is an especially essential quality for organizations and organizational leaders within our field to exhibit at this moment: genuine leadership.

Jan 19 2017

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Aryeh Kalender’s Baltic adventure

Now that he can navigate the supermarket, the Fairfax native is having fun teaching teenagers in Latvia

Jan 18 2017

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STOMP IT OUT! Teens get together to talk about mental health

It’s not often that a group of teens will get together with the express purpose to talk about mental health. But that’s exactly what will happen on Saturday, Jan. 28, when BBYO Connecticut Valley Region chapter hosts “Stomp It Out!” as part of its annual winter conference...

Jan 09 2017

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AJT Conference Showcases Surging Jewish Teen Life in FSU

Today's teens often spend their time navigating the world of adulthood, learning about the world, and themselves, through fast-paced information channels, and ultimately establishing their own unique identity.

Jan 04 2017

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Exciting Jewish Heritage Night at the Sixers an event to remember

On Dec. 18, South Jersey Region BBYO had the opportunity to attend the Philadelphia 76ers game for their Jewish Heritage Night. This event was easily a huge hit for SJR. With 100 participants in attendance, watching this game was a great night full of friends and fun for everyone.

Dec 22 2016

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Ariel Wexler says trip to Holy Land “was life-changing experience”

My trip to Israel was a life-changing experience that connected me to my sense of spirituality and Judaism, and also allowed me to from friendships that will last a lifetime.

Dec 13 2016

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Eric and Happie’s Debut Album Takes You to Jewish Summer Camp

Eric and Happie’s debut album “It’s Yours” hit #11 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts when it was released a few months ago. We sat down with Eric and Happie to discuss Jewish song-leading, and making a folk record with the person you fell in love with in Jewish summer...

Dec 09 2016

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Q&A: A school leader who leans green

“Talking with …” focuses on local Jews who are doing things the the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California finds interesting.