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Feb 09 2017

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BBYO IC comes to North Texas

BBYO’s 93rd International Convention will take place downtown from Feb. 16 through Feb. 20, with more than 2,500 teenagers arriving, as well as huge numbers of staff, volunteers and guests. It will be the largest conference in the program’s history.

Feb 08 2017

BBYO Regional Director Honored

Arielle Buxbaum, one of the Liberty Region’s B’nai B’rith Youth Organization’s (BBYO) regional directors, was named recipient of the Arnie Weiner Award at BBYO’s annual Professional Staff Conference.

Feb 02 2017

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Free to Be You and Me: BBYO Celebrates Diversity

On January 27th, 325 Jewish teens gathered at the Hilton Hartford Hotel in Hartford, Connecticut. For what? A weekend of BBYO. 85 New England Region (NER) teens and 240 Connecticut Valley Region (CVR) teens joined forces for their annual Winter Kallah, themed “Free to Be You and Me.”

Feb 01 2017

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Err on the Side of Adulthood: Encouraging Teens to Explore Conflict

During my time in the Baltics, I worked with an incredible group of smart and talented Jewish teens. Fresh out of college, my brain was teeming with questions about Jewish identity that I had explored myself that I very much wanted to ask them.

Jan 31 2017

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Students make it happen at BBYO

BBYO-Wisconsin Region is part of the North American BBYO movement. BBYO once stood for B’nai B’rith Youth Organization, but it’s now an independent organization that’s simply named BBYO. 

Jan 27 2017

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Channeling Experience and Energy into Action: Jewish Teens Reflect on This Week’s Events

In Judaism we learn to embrace others. To operate from a place of understanding (binah) and kindness (chesed), and to have empathy (rachamim). The past week’s events left people feeling every emotion from hurt, to excitement, to sadness, to elation, to confusion...

Jan 27 2017

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You should know… Joey Eisman

Joey Eisman, 28, works at BBYO, where he manages the organization’s global network. He participated in the 2016 ConnectGens Fellowship from The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington for his project Evan Initiatives, which connects individuals to Jewish history.

Jan 26 2017

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The Day(s) After: Civil Discourse and Why Genuine Leadership Matters Above All Else

As we wade into uncharted waters as a country, I want to try and step back just a bit to explore what I believe is an especially essential quality for organizations and organizational leaders within our field to exhibit at this moment: genuine leadership.

Jan 19 2017

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Aryeh Kalender’s Baltic adventure

Now that he can navigate the supermarket, the Fairfax native is having fun teaching teenagers in Latvia