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As summer approached and new information was shared with us from the American Camp Association and the CDC, it became increasingly difficult for us to see a path forward for BBYO’s summer leadership programs that meets our high standards of wellness and programmatic excellence. Therefore, as of May 14 we made the heartbreaking decision to cancel all BBYO 2020 summer experiences due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

At the same time, our team worked quickly to create new ways for teens to stay connected to friends and develop leadership skills through alternative opportunities that are now open for registration! Visit our new summer 2020 virtual offerings page to explore these options and find one that’s right for you.



Camp BBYO is for BBYO members currently in 8th through 10th grade who are looking for a super fun week of camp activities with BBYO friends. It’s the best of BBYO—in a week long summer camp setting!

Participants will enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, including sports, Maccabiah (color war), swimming, music, art, and more. You’ll form new friendships with fellow Alephs and BBGs, explore your Jewish values with a beautiful Shabbat under the stars, and enjoy a much-needed opportunity to be in the great outdoors with friends.

The best of BBYO… in a week of camp!

B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp
Lake Como, PA

Perlman Camp is better than ever with renovations to all the major structures and expanded living spaces. There's lots of green grass and outdoor space for activities, sports, programs, and time to relax around the iconic Perlman tree. Participants stay in cabins divided into four to six rooms, which are staffed by our dedicated college counselors (madrichim). The whole camp is walkable in about 15 minutes.

Please note that our summer 2020 session has been canceled. Below you will find answers to general questions about Camp BBYO. For any other inquiries, feel to reach out to [email protected].

Is Camp BBYO for you? 
Camp BBYO is a great program for Alephs and BBGs currently in 8th through 10th grade who want to participate in a week of camp activities with their BBYO friends. 

Who will attend Camp BBYO? 
Camp BBYO will have participants from every region across the Order. 

Who will staff Camp BBYO? 
BBYO programming professionals and advisors will serve as the site director and program director. We’ll also be joined by Jewish educators, song leaders, expert specialists, college-age counselors (madrichim), and an office manager. 

Is the food at Perlman Camp kosher? 
Perlman Camp is a kosher facility that only serves foods that have been produced under rabbinical supervision. 
What do I do about medication at camp? 
Participants must register in advance with CampMeds, a service that provides pre-packaged, pre-dosaged medication to participants who require it. There is a $250 fee for those who do not register and arrive at camp with their medications. The exceptions to this are inhalers, birth control, epi-pens, nasal sprays, injectable medications, prescription ointments, and refrigerated medication. 
How do I get to Camp BBYO? 
Teens can either be dropped off directly at camp by a parent or guardian, or they can fly into the local airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, NJ (EWR), where they'll be met by BBYO staff and taken to their program by bus.

There are many ways to combine our summer experiences to extend your fun, learning, and self-exploration. Check back in this space for summer 2021 combo options.

BBYO offers need-based scholarship so that anyone who wants to is able to attend our programs without financial constraints standing in the way. Please check back here for details on summer 2021 funds.